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Cooking With Oats Book
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Cooking With Oats Book

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Dozens of recipes using healthy oats. 32 pg.
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Mares eat oats.
And does eat oats.
And little lambs--but you remember the rest of that song.
The point is except in Scotland people eat comparatively few oats. Scotland's another story though you'll have to decide how seriously to take it. The way the story goes is that in eastern Scotland the unmarried plowmen didn't eat anything but oats and milk except for an occasional potato. They got up to two quarts of milk a day and seventeen and a half pounds of oatmeal a week. And they were strong and healthy fellows. The moral depends on how much you like oatmeal and how you feel about being unmarried. Nobody seems to know what the married plowmen ate.
Whatever you marital status and nationality eating oats is a good idea. Oats are easily digested provide good quality protein are a source of several B vitamins including inositol and make good energy food for active outdoor people. And they taste so good!

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