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Easy Composters You Can Build Book
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Easy Composters You Can Build Book

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A good, healthy compost is essential for organic gardeners. While buying a compost bin may be more convenient you can easily build your own with this helpful guide. 32 pg.

Why Make Compost?
Composting Systems at a Glance
Wood and Wire Compost Bins
Cement Block Bins
Composting Accessories
Selecting the Composting Pile Location
Ingredients for Compost: What to Use, What to Avoid
Stuff to Keep Out of the Compost Pile
Composting Without a Pile
Using Compost

Excerpt from page 7 - Wood and Wire Compost Bins

The following plans offer compost containers that fit a variety of composting styles and composter locations. While some offer exact specifications for dimensions and materials, the plans can also be used simply as guidelines. The desire to recycle materials on hand seems to be an integral personality trait of those who compost. My neighbor cuts 15-foot lengths from an old reinforced rubber conveyor belt, wires together the ends, and makes great sturdy bins. Others use plastic or wood snow fencing arranged in a circle. Experiment, adapt, innovate!
The plans of the Seattle Tilth Association are included (with thanks for their use) because they are well thought out and understandably popular. However, some people, especially those with physical handicaps, may find the bins are too tall for them to easily reach in and turn materials, or that it is too cumbersome when aeration is done by lifting and moving the bin. While the taller bin is optimum for making a hot pile, compost may be made just as well in a lower, wider bin.

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