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Chair Caning Book
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Chair Caning Book

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A simple guide to various methods of seat weaving. Step by step instructions are easy to follow. 32 pg.
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Cane Seating

Rush Seating


Excerpt from page 4
The type of cane used for chair seating is made from the outside bark of the rattan a climbing palm of the jungles of Boreneo. Sumatra and Malaysia. When the rattan reaches the desired length and diameter it is cut and gathered for export. The outside bark is stripped from the vine and machine-cut into various widths and thicknesses. The best cane has a brightness or luster and is smooth and shiny on one side. It should be strong but pliable and unbroken where the eyes the joints where the leaves were attached were shaved smooth.
Chair cane is normally purchased in hanks. These are bunches of about 1 000 feet. Each hank will cover a woven area of about four square feet. Smaller amounts may be purchased but the length of these will vary depending on the individual supplier.
In addition to regular cane a strip of binder cane is needed. This strip should be about two sizes wider than regular cane and one and one-half times the length of the perimeter of the chair seat.
Hand caning a chair is not difficult but care and patience are required. The work is done in stages. These must be started and completed in order as each stage lock the previous one in place.
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