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Building Bat Houses Book
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Building Bat Houses Book

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While bats are normally regarded as pests, the truth is that they eliminate many harmful insects and are a benefit to farmers and gardeners. With proper construction a bat house attracts bats that will save you from the annoyance of unwanted insects such as mosquitoes, corn rootworms, and June bugs . 32 pg.

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The Benefits of Bats

Bats and Human Health

Attracting Bats

Bat-Proofing Your Home

Bat Species Distribution

Bat House Construction
Location, Location, Location
Timing is Everything
Proper Design
Proper Materials
Basic Assembly Instructions

Bat House Plans
Small Bat House
Small Maternity Colony Bat House
Large Maternity Colony Bat House

Bat-Proofing Materials and Supplies

Bat Conservation Resources

Excerpt from page 3 - The Benefits of Bats

Bats are the primary predator of night-flying insects, from mosquitoes that spread disease (not to mention annoyance) to codling moths that attack apple trees and bollworm moths that feast on cotton plants. In fact, in some areas the moths that feed on farm crops make up 90 percent of a bat's diet; in others, the control of malaria has been aided by the resident bat population's diet of mosquitoes.
Big Brown Bats (that's the species' name, not just its description), which live primarily in agricultural areas, feed on June bugs, cucumber beetles, stinkbugs, corn rootworms, grasshoppers, and leafhoppers. Over the course of one summer, a colony of 150 Big Brown Bats will dispatch 38,000 cucumber beetles, 16,000 June bugs, 19,000 stinkbugs, and 50,000 leafhoppers while preventing 18 million corn rootworms from ever seeing the light of day by consuming the beetle stage of this insect pest. "Copyright permission by Storey Communications"

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