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15 Herbs for Tea Book
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15 Herbs for Tea Book

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This informative booklet will show you everything you need to know about tea herbs, from growing to harvesting, and using and blending the herbs to make a delicious cup of tea. 32 pg.

What is Tea?
Traditional Tea
Planting a Tea Garden
Good Soil
Siting the Tea Bed

The Herbs in My Tea Garden
Harvesting Tea Herbs
Brewing a Cup of Herbal Tea
Brewing by Infusion
Brewing by Decoction
Iced Teas

Tea Blends
Herbal Punches
Additional Tea Blend Ingredients
Packaging Your Tea Blends

Some Things to be Careful About
Metric Conversion
Sources of Plants and Supplies
For Further Reading

Excerpt from page 3 - Traditional Tea

Grown in tropical regions on shady, rainy hillsides, the plant Camellia sinensis was first cultivated in China; cultivation was then spread throughout the Far East and India. The different varieties of traditional tea, such as Darjeeling, Ceylon, Chinese, and so on, are named for the geographic region each is grown in. The climate and growing conditions produce the differences in taste that are hallmarks of each variety.
Also a factor in the quality is what part of the plant is harvested. The youngest, tender topmost leaves are picked by hand and cost the most. As the older leaves are plucked, medium - and coarse-grade teas are produced. Machine-harvested leaves may bear the initials CTC, meaning "cut - torn - crushed."
Tea leaves are further classified as green, black, or oolong, depending on whether they have been fermented. Fermenting occurs when wilted, rolled tea leaves are spread out in a cool, humid room to "ripen", or acquire a softer taste and deeper color.

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- 12/30/2009
said: Margaret Hollifield
"This book was helpfull on what herbs to plant for making herb tea."
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