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Build A Pond for Food and Fun Book
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Build A Pond for Food and Fun Book

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What you need to know about constructing and maintaining a healthy fishpond. Paperback, 31 pages.

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Table of Contents


Selecting the Site

Clearing the Pond Site

Using Existing Ponds or Small Lakes to Build a Fishpond

Types of Fishponds

Constructing New Fishponds (The Excavated Pond)

Construction of New Ponds (The Embankment Pond)

Building the Embankment and Spillway - Installing Drainpipe

Water - The Life of Your Pond

Your Soil Conservation Service and Other Government Agencies

Values of a Fishpond

Excerpt from page 3
The farm or homestead fishpond slowly is gaining recognition for what it actually can be: a multi-valued asset. It finally is proving itself; it is proving that it can provide fish and recreation for the entire family plus some surplus for friends and neighbors; or surplus to sell if it is large enough and properly managed. In addition to its primary purpose of raising fish it can be a source of water for irrigating the garden the orchard watering cattle...even water for fire-fighting in case of an emergency.
Many times fishponds have been tried and termed "unproductive--not worth the effort and expense." The reasons for failure can be traced to poor pond construction based on bad advice or no advice. Productive fishponds are the result of following good and proper planning. Like constructing a home there are proven effective designs. Not every house plan will provide the comforts desired; not every fishpond plan will support fish.
Construction expertise in the field of aquaculture lies with the USDA Soil Conservation Service the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the fish and wildlife services of the various States.
Regrettably in spite of this expertise we produce less than 3 percent of our fish needs through aquaculture while the world output has more than doubled during the past five years. Some countries produce nearly 40 percent of their total needs. We apparently are not taking advantage of one of our natural resources.
With the available expertise the United States can do as well as the rest of the world; the farm family can do better. It can produce well over 50 percent of its fish needs. This bulletin is designed to help the farm family or homesteader increase that productivity.
Many farms or homesteads have natural ponds that can be converted into productive fishponds. In this bulletin you will find diagrams to show you how this can be done. Other farms have excellent sites for building man-made fishponds. You also will find here plans and suggestions to help you build it right the first time. Productive fishponds are not accidents; they don't just happen.
A well-planned and constructed fishpond will pay for itself in time. It will add to the economy by furnishing food for the family as well as providing recreation. It can serve as a pond for fishing a swimming pool in summer or as an ice skating rink in winter in northern regions where water freezes to a sufficient thickness. A fishpond in addition to being a sound and basic instrument of resource management is a means of improving property value.
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- 5/23/2012
said: mha
"We found this book to have some very helpful information. The pond on the place we bought was poorly done originally and this book gave us the basic information we needed to plan and carry out the 'rebuilding' and greatly improving of a new pond. Thanks!"
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