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Making Hand-Dipped Candles Book
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Making Hand-Dipped Candles Book

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Instructions for making taper candles by hand are excerpted from The Candlemaker's Companion by Betty Oppenheimer.

Candlemaking Basics
Dipping Candles
Troubleshooting Dipping Problems
Other Dipping Projects
Cleaning Up
Troubleshooting Guide
Safety Equipment and Procedures
Decorating Your Candles With Wax
Candle Storage Tips
Decorative Candle Wrapping

Excerpt from page 4 - Candlemaking Basics

To understand how to dip candles, you must first understand a few key concepts about how candles burn, and what supplies are required to make them burn well. A candle flame burns because of the two main ingredients: fuel and wick. When you light a candle, the wick catches fire and that fire heats to melting a small pool of wax just below the flame. The wick draws up that liquid wax to feed the flame, and the wicks burns away at the top. In a good candle, the fuel (wax) burns more quickly than the wick does.
When you're burning your candles, watch the wick and flame in order to determine whether you have achieved good combustion. A candle that is burning well will have a 1 to 2-inch, steadily burning flame. The wick should bend over at approximately 90 degrees or stick straight up into the oxidation zone at the top of the flame so that the tip is almost to the edge of the flame and can burn to ash. The wax should form a liquid pool surrounding the wick - not so big as to spill over but not so dry that the wick has no liquid to pull up.

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