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Growing and Using Dill Book
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Growing and Using Dill Book

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While this booklet primarily contains dill-centric recipes, there are also helpful tips on growing and harvesting your own dill. 32 pg.
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Growing Your Own Dill
Obtaining Seeds
Where, When, and How to Plant
Harvesting and Preserving Your Dill
Meat, Poultry, and Fish
Eggs and Cheese
Pasta and Grains
Vegetables and Salads
Sources for Dill Seeds

Excerpt from page 3 - Introduction

I'm a firm believer that you can substitute almost any herb for almost any other herb in just about any recipe. Thus you can substitute oregano for marjoram, or even thyme for either of them.
This, however, does not apply to dill. Its taste is simply too distinctive. When you want dill, you want dill! The only other herb this applies to is tarragon, which also has its own particular taste, unlike any other. On second thought, I'd have to add cilantro to the "do not substitute" list. Its flavor is certainly unique.
Technically dill's name is Anethum graveolens. Two parts are used - the soft, leafy, fernlike leaves or fronds and the seeds. Somehow (and it's not hard to imagine how this can to be), the leafy part of the plant has come to be called dillweed. If I had to guess, I'd say that somewhere along the line someone decided that there should be a verbal distinction between the fronds and the seeds, and so we have "dillweed" and dill seeds".
Luckily, dill is very easy to grow. I'll guide you through the planting of seeds, then take you on a tour of the growing season and give you some ideas for preserving your harvest.
And then I'll give you a choice selection of dill-sparked recipes to try. I urge you to try all of them - they are extraordinary.

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