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Building Stone Walls Book
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Building Stone Walls Book

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For a rustic, sturdy, and appealing boundary, you can't do better than a stone wall. Whether you lay the wall yourself, or have a stone mason working with you; this booklet will be a valuable resource. 32 pg.

Why Build Stone Walls?
Getting to Know Stone
Finding a Source for Good Stone
Tools and Techniques for Handling Stone
Staying Safe
Cutting and Shaping Stone
Building a Drystone Wall
Building a Mortared Wall

Excerpt from page 4 - Getting to Know Stone

Limestone Limestone has always been a favorite stone for builders. Dense but not hard, it can be worked to almost any shape. Before concrete blocks were invented (around 1900), limestone was the accepted standard for commercial stonework.
Newly cut limestone has a slick surface that is unattractive; weathered, top-of-the-ground limestone, on the other hand, is often rough, fissured, pockmarked, and interesting. (In addition, limestone often houses fossil seashells, trilobites, and other traces of pre-historic life, which can add another interesting dimension to your wall.) If you have access only to fresh-cut limestone, however, take heart: Aging is a long process, but the newly cut faces will lose their fresh-cut look in five years or so.
Granite Granites are generally rough-textured stones that are not naturally layered. When weathered, their exterior provides a welcoming environment for lichens and mosses. Strong and hard granites vary in color. Along the East Coast, the familiar gray granite is plentiful. Formed principally of feldspar and quartz, it's a favored landscaping stone. There are also dark blue, dark grey, greenish, and even pink granites.
If you use granite, try to find stones naturally endowed with the desired shapes, as they can be hard to shape. Granite can often be recycled from foundations, chimneys, and basements of abandoned buildings.

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