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Housebreaking and Training Your Puppy Book
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Housebreaking and Training Your Puppy Book

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Housebreaking your puppy is simplified with a 6 step program outlined in the bulletin. The additional behavioral training instructions are helpful not only for puppies but also for older problem dogs. 32 pg.
Currently Unavailable
The Basic Nature of a Dog: Leader or Follower?
A Dog's Senses
Earning Your Puppy's Respect Trust and Confidence
Leash Traing
Crate Training
Paper Training
Common Housebreaking Problems
Basic Obedience Training
Solving Common Behavior Problems

Excerpt from pages 11 and 12.
The more time you spend with your new puppy or dog the faster she will learn not to urinate or defecate in the house. A puppy is just a baby and must learn what you expect of her. An older dog may have to learn new habits depending upon how she was housed and trained before.
What Doesn't Work
You have probably heard someone say "If the puppy makes a mistake rub his nose in it " or "Drag him to the site of the disaster point at the puddle or pile and scold him." Don't use either of those methods. They don't work. All you'll do is frighten the pup and make a mess for yourself to clean up. A dog is so upset when he is being scolded that he can't even begin to understand exactly what you're angry about.
Buy the book to find out the 6 simple steps to what does work in housebreaking your dog.

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