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Homemade Treats for Happy- Healthy Dogs Book
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Homemade Treats for Happy- Healthy Dogs Book

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The perfect book for creating tempting treats for your furry friends. No more dry, bland, artificial food without nutritional value - you control what's in it! 32 pg.
The Big Decision
Why Bake Your Own?
When You Must Buy Commercial Products
Tips and Tricks for the Best Treats
Testing for Food Allergies
My Favorite Recipes
Nut-and-Seed Nibbles
Meat-Lovers Menu
Garlicky Treats
Fruity Favorites
Icy Delights for Hot Summer Days
Doggie Desserts

Excerpt from page 3
Why Bake Your Own?
Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on a box of dog treats? What color are the ones you give your dog - orange because they're "cheese flavored"? Or reddish brown because they're supposed to taste like liver? Now consider this: Have you ever seen a "use by" date or an expiration date on a dog food product? It seems like this food can last virtually forever! There's no way to know how long your dog's treats have been sitting on the shelf.
Until Kooper got sick I never checked labels or thought about all the additives and artificial ingredients in most dog foods. I just bought them because I liked the way they looked or I'd seen a commercial for them on television or they had been on sale never thinking much about their nutritional content or lack thereof. And I certainly never wondered about how old those packaged goods might be when I bought them.

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