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Housebound Dogs Book
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Housebound Dogs Book

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A great guide to keeping your housekept dog happy and healthy and pet-proofing your home. 32 pg.
Who's Watching the Dog?
Accommodating a Housebound Dog
Understanding Your Dog's Unique Needs
Protecting Your Furniture
Pet-Proofing Your Home
Home Alone Outdoors
Dealing with Separation Anxiety
Making Exercise a Relationship-Building Activity
Make Your Dog Your Little Helper
Adopting a Friend for Your Dog

Excerpt from page 12.
Understaning Your Dog's Unique Needs
How well your dog adjusts to being left alone for long stretches of time is strongly influenced by his personality and temperament. A dog with lots of nervous energy who craves human companionship will have a much more difficult time being alone in the house than a calm independent dog. And a mature dog who has outgrown the problem behaviors associated with younger dogs can often can be given the run of the house. So before leaving your dog behind take a good long look at him and his personality. Try to think like he does. Imagine the worries he might have and what might make him feel comforted. Then devise a stay-at-home plan that best suits your dog's unique needs.

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