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Trailer Training Your Horse Book
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Trailer Training Your Horse Book

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On the Road Again
Travel Stress Equine Style
The "Cue-On" Loading Technique
How to Cue-On Load
Points to Remember
Hauling Options
Safety First
Travel Equipment and Supplies
Seasonal Strategies
Rules for the Road
When You Reach Your Destination

Excerpt from page 9
Loading onto a Ramp Trailer
Park your trailer on level ground preferably grass or dirt and choose to work at a time of day when the interior of the trailer is at its brightest. As mentioned eariler horses are naturally wary of dark enclosed spaces so the brighter the trailer's interior the better. Before you begin be sure the trailer is solidly parked and doesn't sway or tip. A trailer that isn't stable will undermine your horse's confidence.
It's useful to have a helper nearby for this lesson particularly if your horse refuses to walk straight up the ramp (see page 10) but if you are a good horseman have boundless patience and know your horse well a helper isn't absolutely necessary. You'll want to pay close attention to your horse's body language during this exercise so you'll know if and when he might choose to resist or strike out.
When training your horse to load always end on a positive note within the horse's comfort zone and reward him with lavish verbal praise. Training your horse to load will take at least two sessions of work and probably more.

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