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Berries- Rasp- & Black Book
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Berries- Rasp- & Black Book

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Start and keep an abundant berry patch with this helpful guide. Covers everything from planting to harvesting to pest control and pruning. 32 pg.

Raspberries in the Home Garden
Growing Better Blackberries
Diseases and Insects of Raspberries and Blackberries

Excerpt from Chapter on Raspberries in the Home Garden
How To Plant
Set your plants in holes large enough to contain the roots without crowding. Set red raspberries two to three inches deeper than they were in the nursery and set black and purple raspberries about one inch deeper. Yellow raspberries considered to be members of the black raspberry group are also set about an inch deeper. You can determine this nursery depth by the dark brown color line on the cane.
Be sure to press dirt firmly about the plant roots. Do this by stepping around the plant watering well to prevent air pockets. If the weather is dry put on a light mulch.
Red raspberry plants should be cut back to eight to 12 inches after planting. The canes or the "handles" of black and purple raspberries should be cut off at ground level removed from the planting and burned.
If there are any wild brambles growing around or near your new planting they should be dug up and destroyed to prevent the possibility of their carrying disease.
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