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Grafting Fruit Trees Book
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Grafting Fruit Trees Book

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Definition of Terms
Tools for Grafting
Wound Dressing
Why Graft?
Types of Grafts
When to Graft or Bud
Source of Scion and Bud Wood
Cleft Grafting
Bark Graft
Inlay Graft (also called Veneer and Rind)
Bridge Graft
Inarch Graft
Whip or Tongue Graft
Stub Graft
Oblique Side Graft
Ten Essentials of Successful Grafting and Budding
Ten Most-Asked Questions About Grafting

Excerpt from page 5
Tools For Grafting
Grafting can be done with very little equipment such as a saw knife pruning shears screwdriver small brads (nails) and hand grafting wax. A more complete set of tools is illustrated. It is essential that cutting tools are sharp.
By far the most important grafting tool is a sharp knife. It should have a thin blade as well as a sharp edge. It can be an ordinary pocketknife or a specialized budding knife.
Pruning saws and pruning shears are available at local hardware stores. Saws may be curved and are designed to cut green wood cleanly and smoothly. The author has found Sears Craftsman pruning saw with Kromedge blade easy to use. Other types such as bow saws or even a carpenter's saw can be effective as long as they are sharp and shiny. Pruning shears of the bypass style are more universally used than the snap-cut style (cutting blade presses down onto a flat surface) but either is all right if sharp and especially not rusty. Special budding and grafting knives are not really necessary for a little backyard grafting and budding. A pocketknife can suffice as long as it is sharp. A hand hone is very useful for putting a good edge on knives. A large screwdriver can substitute for the grafting tool illustrated and a piece of wood or carpenter's hammer can be substituted for a specialized wooden mallet.
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