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Cooking with Honey Book
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Cooking with Honey Book

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Recipes calling for honey abound in this flavorful guide. Honey can also be used to replace sugar in almost any dish using the tips given. 32 pg.

What is Honey?
Cooking Tips
Breakfast Foods
Yeasted and Quick Breads
Dressings, Marinades, and Sauces
Side Dishes
Desserts and Sweets
Would You Like to Raise Your Own Honey Crop?

Excerpt from page 1
One night in May five years ago we unloaded forty beehives into our small orchard. This was my first experience with bees and honey. Throughout that summer we were amazed by the continuous hum from the bees. By August we were truly up to our elbows in honey selling most but keeping all we needed for our family.
With honey free for the taking I gradually switched from cooking and baking with sugar to preparing food entirely with honey. Learning to cook with honey has been fun. I began by using recipes that called for honey. Then I found that I could use honey to replace all or some of the sugar in almost any recipe if I followed a few simple rules. I often experimented -- adding a bit more of one thing or another so that a recipe worked out. My family has become quite used to tasting honey in the foods I cook. Yet it is always a treat to hear a guest say "Oh this was made with honey!"
In this bulletin I have tried to illustrate the versatility of honey. Honey can enrich most any food. The distinctive flavor can be enjoyed as just a hint of a teaspoon in a salad dressing or in the full richness of the flavor in a dessert.
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