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Grow The Best Corn Book
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Grow The Best Corn Book

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Grow the best sweet corn, field corn or popcorn with the help of this booklet. 32 pg.

Kinds of Corn You Can Grow
Good Soil for Corn
Planting Corn
Care of the Growing Crop
How to Save Your Own Corn Seed
Corn Varieties to Grow
Seed Sources

Excerpt from page 1
Corn is a New World plant native to parts of Mexico and Central and South America. When Columbus landed in the New World in 1492 native American Indians had been growing popcorn sweet corn dent corn and flint corn for hundreds of years. They had developed these distinct varieties by repeatedly selecting the best ears of each type and saving and planting the seed.
Sweet corn is a gardener's vegetable one of the most eagerly awaited summer crops. By growing your own you can have it at its best: sweet tender juicy kernels five minutes from the patch. Fresh sweet corn is so good that it needs no sauces or fancy recipes: simply steam and serve. Many gardeners like to eat raw corn while husking it. Corn is a vigorous plant that responds to generous fertilizing so it is satisfying to grow.
Corn's best features are its sweet delicate flavor (sweet corn) and its versatility (popcorn flint and dent corn). On the negative side corn takes more growing space than many other vegetables uses up a lot of soil nitrogen and -- if grown in large plots -- exposes the soil to erosion. There are ways of getting around these difficulties though as we will show you in this bulletin.
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