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Build a Smokehouse Book
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Build a Smokehouse Book

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Smoking meat is one of the oldest food preservation techniques and one that is still viable today. There are many ways to create a smoking chamber and the best options are laid out for you in this informative booklet. 32 pg.

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What is Smoking?

How Smokers and Smokehouses Work

How to make Smokers and Smokehouses:
Project 1: The Hot Smoke Pit
Project 2: The Barrel Smoker
Project 3: The Box Smoker
Project 4: Concrete Block Smokehouse with a Concrete Floor


Excerpt from page 2
Smoking is an ancient food preservation technique that probably goes back to the first delighted efforts of human beings to cook meat and fish over fire. Smoking lowers the moisture content of food and seals the exterior with a hard golden-brown film; the complex chemical reactions between the smoke the meat protein and the internal moisture inhibit the growth of undesirable microorganisms.
The temperature of the heated air that accompanies that smoke the construction and venting of the smoker the length of time the meat is exposed to the heat and smoke as well as the slightly different flavors given off by various woods all contribute to the unique tastes textures and keeping qualitites of each smoked food product. Although early adventures with smoking your own foods can give highly variable results eventually you learn how long what wood and what temperatures with what foods suit your palate best.
Early people discovered that bringing or curing meat in a salt solution before smoking it removed more moisture from the protein tissue and greatly enhanced both the preservative characteristics and the flavor the meat. Over the centuries three basic ways of curing and/or smoking meats fish and poultry have been perfected--hot smoking cold smoking and curing and smoking.

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- 5/23/2012
said: mha
"Good information for homesteaders and hunters! Never built one before because we thought it would be more complicated. Not so! Great resource."
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