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The Best Fences Book
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The Best Fences Book

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A good sturdy fence is an essential for any farm or homestead. The key to a good fence is good planning and with this guide to choosing the best tools, materials, and location you will be well prepared. 31 pg.
  • Introduction
  • How to Plan Ahead
  • How to Construct a Legal Fence
  • How to Avoid Fence Post Problems
  • How to Choose the Right Type of Fence
  • How to Select the Right Tools
  • How to Use the Best Construction Technique
  • How to Construct Workable Gates
  • How to Build Safely
  • Suppliers

Excerpt from page 1

Although this bulletin concerns itself principally with the practical aspects of fences don't overlook the fact that your are working with one of the most profound developments in the history of mankind. Next to the wheel and the plow the fence ranks high as a major landmark in the progress of civilization. Historically, it was such a simple tool and yet it gave man the enormous capability of making boundaries separations, edges, and limits. For the first time a man could organize his geography and the things in it. He could keep things in and deep things out. He could contain his livestock defend himself with barriers and define his territory.

Fences evolved from a simple enclosure for domesticated animals in 4000 B. C. to a massive statement of power in the form of the Great Wall of China which extended 3,000 miles in 300 B. C.

In addition to being a mere physical boundary a fence carries a genuine and deep psychological significance. Standing as a crude wooden sculpture between fields or as an elaborate wrought iron entrance to a chateau it symbolizes the basic way we handle the vastness of life. It fulfills our ancient human need to create manageable units out of chaos. Not only does it afford us a way to organize our physical spaces but more fundamentally it reflects the primal way we define our psychological spaces; mine/yours; me/you.

A fence simply lets us define ourselves and our world. It is a monument to Order.

Copyright permission by Storey Communications.

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