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Carbide Table Lamps
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Carbide Table Lamps

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Set them on any table or shelf for a steady, bright light to work by.
  • Brilliant white light is ideal for camping, cabins or home use
  • Safe, simple and durable designs of solid brass
  • Shiny brass base with simple, clear glass chimney
  • Made in India
Currently Unavailable
How do they work?

Water in the top chamber drips onto carbide fuel in the lower chamber which produces acetylene gas. A small amount of pressure builds up to push gas through the orifice creating light. Brightness is controlled by a valve that regulates how fast the water drips from upper to lower chamber.

Small Table Lamp - 10-3/4"H x 2-3/16"OD, 3/4 lb, burns 2-3 hours on one chamber of fuel.

Large Table Lamp - 16 5/8"Hx3 1/8"OD, 1 3/4 lb, burns 6-7 hours on one chamber of fuel.

Customer Reviews of Carbide Table Lamps
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- 1/27/2012
said: E. Lederman
"I ordered the smaller of the lamps. It had obviously been used before, probably in India. But I cleaned it and lit it. It took awhile to get it going; there may have been a slight clog. The flame could not be adjusted. The water valve did not seem to have any gradations; I turned it very slowly open and shut without any difference in the flame. This lamp is no brighter than an ordinary oil lamp. I wouldn’t trust it not to leak gas. I don’t recommend it."
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