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Garden Dipel Dust - 4 lb bag
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Garden Dipel Dust - 4 lb bag

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Dipel Dust kills worms with a natural bacteria, instead of with man-made poisons. Its active ingredient (Bacilus Thuringiensis, car. Kurstaki) poisons and kills a variety of leaf-eating worms and caterpillars that can severely damage vegetables, shrubs, lawns and flowers. B.T. is widely regarded as environmentally friendly, having no harmful effects on humans, wildlife, pollinators and most other beneficial insects.

  • Dust on plants when pests appear and repeat as necessary
  • One bite of treated foliage causes worms to stop feeding and eventually die
  • Use on a variety of vegetables, shrubs and flowers
  • See Details for a list of worms Dipel Dust will kill
  • USA made
Dipel Dust kills tomato hornworms, bagworms, armyworms, webworms, gypsy moth larvae, cankerworms, loopers, tent caterpillar, tomato fruitworms, sod webworms, variegated cutworms, imported cabbage worms, rindworms, melonworms, red-humped caterpillars, omnivorous leafrollers, tobacco budworms, spruce budworms, saddle prominent caterpillars, fruit tree leafroller, blackheaded budworms, saddleback caterpillar, western tussock moth, diamondback moth, hornworms and California oak moths.

Customer Reviews of Garden Dipel Dust - 4 lb bag
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(3 reviews)
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- 12/18/2012
said: Anonymous User
"Best stuff ever against pesky cabbage moths!"
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- 6/24/2012
said: Judy
"I was buying some toys for my grandchildren and saw this product. I decided to try a bag. We dusted our cabbage and broccoli with, not really expecting much. In no time there were no new holes in the plants, and as the heads grew more, no new holes appeared and there were no cabbage moths flying around them. Our kids have a garden at the back of our yard, about 100 yards away, and I could see white cabbage moths flying above all there cabbage, which were sprayed with a chemical pestacide the same day we dusted ours. So I went up and took a look, and most of the cabbages looked like lace, where the worms were having a feast. We have since dusted most of the things in our gardens. Looking forward to see just how many other pests it rids our garden of. And we still have bees and other cutivators on the blooming mints planted in the cabbage and broccoly bed. My husband and I have decided to order more. At less then $5 a bag, if it only rids us of half of our pests, we will comeout way ahead. And best of all, it keeps us from using poisons in our garden. If you are thinking of ordering it but have reservations, ORDER IT!!!!"
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- 4/28/2012
said: Anne
"I was so happy to see that you folks carry this. It's a great organic alternative against those pesky cabbage grubs/ moths."
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