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Canning Jar Coffee Grinder
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Canning Jar Coffee Grinder

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A fresher, richer brew. Handing-grinding coffee helps you get the most flavor out of your beans. It's also the freshest way to enjoy your coffee. Choose the size grind you want by adjusting the conical burr, from coarse to super fine. Use grinder with included glass pint jar, or switch to a larger jar to store more grounds.
  • Looks beautiful on your counter and works just as well
  • Removable grinding mechanism
  • Includes an airtight lid, so you can store your ground coffee and keep it fresh
  • Food-safe ceramic burr
  • Black metal hopper (open design)
  • 8-1/4"H x 4"OD, 1-1⁄4 1b
  • Made in the USA and China

"It grinds much better than my electric coffee bean(chopper). It has a much more consistent size grind than an electricwhirl blade chopper. The coffee also does not stick to the side of thejar like an electric chopper. It takes just a little longer but is worththe effort." --Stan

"This grinder is perfect and the jar is just a wonderful practical storage solution." --SBL

Customer Reviews of Canning Jar Coffee Grinder
Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0(24 reviews)
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- 1/19/2012
said: Brian
"We bought this grinder as a quiet alternative to our noisy electric one. The opening to load it could be bigger, but overall I'm quite happy with it. Found it's easier to operate by holding it against my hip with one hand and turning the crank with the other."
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- 12/25/2013
said: JM
"This is OK if you are strong, but the small size and therefore short arm don't give enough mechanical advantage for me. The reviewer tip on setting it on a wet cloth was helpful - I used a silicone hot pad. I found it easier to use one of those gardening gloves that has a non-slip coating on my left hand to steady the unit while I cranked with my right. The glove stripped the finish off the rim of the grinder though. I only used a few beans at a time too. I had to use the back and forth method for whole beans, rather than the continuous circular motion. The grinder worked great at grinding pre-ground coffee that was ground for perk and grinding it to fine drip grind, here I could grind continuously, but grinding whole beans is a trial for me."
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- 4/8/2016
said: gail
"Loved the idea, and for the first while, it was great. I only drink a cup a day, so I wasn't too hard on it. But the handle came loose, and the metal that turns the grinders was so cheap it quickly became a rounded hole, showing wear when it was only lightly used. I was very disappointed - wanted this to be my best grinder and the last one I had to buy, but it didn't turn out that way :-("

Lehman's Responds:

Hi Gail--We're so sorry about your experience with this grinder. Please give us a call, so we can make it right. 1-800-438-5346
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- 9/30/2011
said: Anonymous User
"The opening for the beans is much too small. It should be large enough to put the beans in with a coffee scoop, but you really need a funnel. Also, the grind adjustment is very difficult to work -- you need to press down the spring with one finger and turn the adjustment with the rest of your fingers. They should substitute the mason jar for the cheap wood box on the larger, better grinder. That would be ideal."
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