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Drive Points for Drilling Wells
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Drive Points for Drilling Wells

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Drive into any sandy soil with sledge. Add 2-4 ft sections of standard galvanized steel water pipe as you go down using our special couplings. (Use one less coupling than the number of pipe sections.) Our special drive cap (one required) cushions your hammer blows.
  • Rugged ductile iron point is attached straight (unlike cheap competitors) to resist wandering
  • Stainless jacket is four times stronger than common brass
  • #60 filter mesh keeps out dirt pieces as small as .01 in. yet is exclusively designed for high flow
  • Imported
This item has options!

Deep Well - Water Table over 20 ft deep requires a more expensive deep well system. With this method, the driven pipe functions as a well casing only. After installation, slide a 1-13/16" cylinder with 1" drop pipe (you supply) and pump rod down into driven pipe. Connect the drop pipe to any deep well pump-head. For best performance, cylinder should be under water and five feet from well bottom. For a diagram and discussion of deep well systems with separate well casing, refer to Automatic Pumping System category)

Shallow Well - For water table within 20 ft - Use with a cistern pump and 1-1/4" pipe. Driven pipe acts as both a well casing and a drop pipe for the pump.

  Deep Well Shallow Well
Diameter 2 in 1-1/4 in
Length 38 in 41 in
Weight 15 lb 9 lb

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- 9/21/2012
said: jean waters
"This is a beautiful thing, but during our first installation, the red top coupling sheared off when we added the second 5' length of pipe to drive down, leaving it spinning freely below ground. We had bought two drive points, and on inspection, found that the red top coupling was not very good quality, looked Chinese. The couplings that we bought separately, on the other hand, were well machined and professional quality. So we will switch them out next time and call it a learning experience."
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