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Small Mouth Rubber Gaskets
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Small Mouth Rubber Gaskets

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  • Small mouth rubber gasket for our European canning jars
  • 2-1/4"ID x 2-7/8"OD
  • Set of 10

Customer Reviews of Small Mouth Rubber Gaskets
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- 9/16/2014
said: James Elmer Dobson
"These are NOT small mouth as in glass lids, they ARE small mouth as in Zinc caps and are a perfect fit for Canadian size glass lids and small mouth bail top jars, which is between small mouth and wide mouth tin lids. Small mouth glass lids are smaller because they seal on the top edge/rim of the jar like a tin lid, as do wide mouth tin lids. Zinc lids seal on the shoulder and are larger. What you are calling small mouth can be stretched to fit a wide mouth glass lid. Think of Canadian lids as MEDIUM size. You still need to come up with small mouth rubbers for glass lids which are 2.628" OD and 2.87" ID - one of my Ball glass inserts / lids / closures. The reason I am phasing out tin lids is they rust out after several years and your work is kaput. I have a concrete cellar I store them in, if we have a lot of spring rain I need to pump out about 8" of water at least twice a day - so yes it is humid - I would still like the lids to not rust out, which is why I am converting to glass lids at age 67. You have to have different / taller bands too. Your regular or wide mouth Tattler lids will work with the shorter bands. I have seen a lot of plastic deteriorate after a year - think milk jugs - and crumble.?! I have some Tattlers as well, I do not know how long they will last - glass is semi indestructible. Tin lids were OK when our children were home - took more food, therefore the produce did not last as long - ha ha. We have been canning for 45 years, before that, I do not recall a time when mother did not can, well just before she died she didn't spend much time at it, she was 70. I figure if we can it we know what is in it, not some New World Order / goober-mint cocktail of various toxins."
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