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How to Make and Use Compost Book
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How to Make and Use Compost Book

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This book shows composting can be done anywhere, in spaces big or small, by anyone, from farmers to backyard gardeners. Compost feeds your soil, which in turn feeds your plants and helps you produce healthy, lush fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Comprehensive A-Z guide covers the safe composting of food waste
  • Has the full range of composting systems, from simple to complex
  • Describes worm composting, making liquid feeds and more
  • Scott, 6-1/8" × 9-3/16", 199 pp.
Table of Contents
Part One
  1. Why make compost?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Making successful compost
  4. Choosing the right composting system
  5. Composting with worms
  6. Using your compost
  7. Community composting
Part Two
  1. A-Z Guide
Part Three
  1. Composting food waste on a large scale
  2. Composting in schools

Excerpt from page 14

At the end of a meal, many leftovers go straight into the bin along with any peelings, etc. from preparing the food. We currently throw away a third of the food we buy, but the tide is turning and more and more people want to grow their own food in healthy soil, and reduce their waste, which is why making compost is so important.

Whatever type of soil you have, compost will improve it. I've heard people talk about how compost is only a 'soil conditioner', as though somehow this was not really important. I think they mean that compost does not add much in the way of nutrients to the soil, but this is not the point. Soil conditioning really means adding humus to the soil. Humus is stable organic matter in the soil and it acts like 'glue,' holding on to nutrients and water. In effect humus adds life back to the soil: doing this is the most important thing that we can do for the soil and it's ridiculously easy.

Compost has some nutrient value too, mostly held by the microbes that have proliferated during the composting process. The following are just some of the benefits of adding compost to your soil.

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