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Portable Ice Cream Trailer Literature
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Portable Ice Cream Trailer Literature

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Make extra money working weekends and evenings or use our ice cream freezers and trailers to stay busy with a fun and rewarding full-time job. It won't take long before your business becomes well known in the community and you will start turning a profit. And the best part is, it's something the whole family can do.

Our complete system comes with:

  • One or two 5-gallon ice cream freezers
  • A hit-and-miss 1½ horsepower John Deere engine (3 horsepower available on double units)
  • All the appropriate belts and pulleys
  • On a wooden trailer
  • You choose whether you want easy-rolling solid rubber wheels or more authentic wooden spoke wheels
  • All units are assembled locally in an Amish business

Choose from several options. Pick the one that is right for your situation:

Note: Freight cost is not included in prices.

These items are shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take several weeks for delivery.

Every fair, family gathering, sale or special event is an opportunity to allow hundreds of people to indulge in one of the most delicious treats imaginable - homemade ice cream. At $2.00 for a small serving or $3.00 for a large serving, it doesn't take long to make the day worth your while.

We've seen it happen - a local friend of ours makes ice cream outside of Lehman's store in Kidron, Ohio during the summer. He also goes to fairs, auctions and other special events. While the distinctive thug-thug-thug of his hit-and-miss John Deere engine draws curious people from Lehman's parking lot and the adjacent flea market, many of these curious onlookers become customers when they watch him making this delectable treat. His wife and three children help him make and serve the ice cream as they work in the family business together.

All you need is our trailer with one or two 5-gallon freezers and you are in business. Make the traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors or get creative. Our local friend also makes strawberry, butter pecan and vanilla with Reese's Cups.

On a hot, summer day with hundreds of people around, it is not uncommon to sell 10-20 freezers full of ice cream. With about 50 small servings per freezer, you can take in up to $2,000 a day.

Crating for shipment by freight is vailable but the most economical method of getting one of our units is by picking it up in Kidron, Ohio. Call ahead to order one of these since we don't always have them in stock at our store. All units are assembled locally in an Amish business.

To start out, you can get by with a minimal amount of extra equipment but as your business grows you will have to add to your outfit so you can more efficiently serve your customers. You will need a large cooler for storing ice, a gas or electric freezer for keeping the finished ice cream frozen, a refrigerator for keeping the ingredients cold, and, if you started out with only one ice cream freezer, you will probably need to add another one to your trailer. The only way to ensure a continuous supply of ice cream at big events is to use more than one ice cream freezer. Almost every successful operator eventually adds additional ice cream freezers sooner or later.

Our large ice cream freezers have grease fittings that require regular service. Our food grade grease tube fits standard grease guns. Meets FDA regulations for incidental food contact. Highly resistant to moisture, resists rust and corrosion. Recommended for all types of bearings. 14 oz tube. USA made. Grease is item #714020.

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- 6/26/2013
said: Slurp and Burp
"The literature for the trailers is not all that useful. the literature lists different models and prices, business suggestions for those purchasing as a business venture, and includes some colored pictures. It wasn't worth the $8 I paid for shipping"
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