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Reusable Canning Jar Lids - Regular
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Reusable Canning Jar Lids - Regular

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Once you discover these indefinitely reusable regular-sized plastic canning lids, you may never go back to the old single-use metal lids. BPA and lead-free. (We like them so much we sell them in packs of 24, unlike the teeny 12-packs sold elsewhere.)
  • Value pack of 24 lids
  • Indefinitely reusable
  • Use with pressure canners, water bath or vacuum sealers
  • Use with standard metal bands
  • Made of FDA and USDA approved materials
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free (see below for more info)
  • USA made
These reusable lids are manufactured using a plastic which falls into recycling category #7. While some #7 plastics contain BPA and/or lead, we have reviewed several official documents from the manufacturer which strongly assure us that the plastic used in these lids DOES NOT contain BPA, lead or mercury or phthalates. Please read on for more information.

From the manufacturer:Lids are made of FDA and USDA approved, food grade product known as Polyoxymethylene Copolymer (POM) or Acetal Copolymer. They DO NOT contain any Bisphenol A (BPA).

This product is formulated using polyacetal base resin that is compliant for use in food contact applications according to (CFR), Title 21, 177.2470. Any additives that may be present comply with appropriate, specific FDA Regulations.

Types of food: All types of food except foods containing 15% or more alcohol.

Conditions of Use: Use temperature not to exceed 250 deg F per 177.2470.

Additionally, this plastic is approved by the USDA for direct contact use with meat and poultry products, as well as meeting the Sanitary Standards 3A Compliance for the Dairy and Food Industries Supply Association (DFISA).

Helpful Hints:

* Jars with nicks or chips in tops will not seal properly.

* Approx. 1 inch of headspace should be allowed for sufficient vacuum.

* Using a towel or something similar while tightening metal band, after processing, will help prevent accidental contact with hot contents.

* Leave metal band on processed goods until contents cool completely.

* Allow processed goods to cool at room temperature for 12-24 hours.

* If you leave metal bands on during storage, store in dry area to prevent rust.

* The rubber rings can be reused if no damage is visible. We suggest they be turned over each use. Previous placement will be evident by seal ring grooves left by lid.

Customer Reviews of Reusable Canning Jar Lids - Regular
Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0(22 reviews)
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- 7/31/2010
said: Greg Wood
"Lehman's Tester wrote: So far they are very very easy to use. prepare them exactly the same way that you would the regular lids. put the rubbers on the plastic lids and wipe the rim of the jar clean (as normal) put the lids on followed by the band. seat the lid with the band and back off a quarter of an inch. Backing off allows for the air to escape the lid during the canning process. Process as normal (I used the 930A pressure canner - love the capacity to process a mess of jars at a time) when done, remove the jars and allow to cool completely. I test the lids by lifting the jars via the lids if the jars come up the lids are sealed. As far as the longevity of the lids (supposed to last for 20 years) I cannot say for sure as this is my first go around. The same holds true about reusing them. I understand that your supposed to flip the rubber over every time you use them to ensure even wear of the rubber. However I am still a bit fuzzy about how to tell which side you used before."
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- 5/6/2014
said: Northwoods Cheryl
"I have been using these lids for several years now. I am on the 9th round of using the original set I had bought. Still seal perfectly. I started using them as I keep my canned goods in the basement due to limited space upstairs, and these lids will not rust from dampness. Now I use them because with every re-use of them, it saves me money!! VERY happy with this product."
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- 9/28/2012
said: Scarlet
"I love these lids. We have used them to water bath, pressure can and for grape juice. They have worked great for us. I love what a great money saver they are. I was always running to the store for more canning lids, I stocked up on these and don't ever have to run to the store in the middle of a project (well at least for the lids)!"
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- 7/30/2012
said: Rosemary
"I absolutely LOVE these! They're a little more difficult to use than regular lids but they're much healthier so it's totally worth it. I've been canning with them for three seasons now and I have yet to have any problems. I always make sure to get the jar rim clean and ensure that when you're screwing the ring one, the lid and rubber don't slip. The biggest problem I have with these is that sometimes people just throw them away or keep them for themselves!"
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- 7/10/2012
said: gabriele
"I canned tomatoes last weekend and used the reusable lids and I absolutely love them. I had read many positive reviews and decided I needed to try them.....I will use nothing else!! Thank you providing such great customer service, I told my family members about you and I will definitely order from you again!!! Also it is almost impossible to find bands for canning jars and was so glad I could order them from you...thanks again!"
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- 3/22/2012
said: Kristi K.
"I am very pleased with these reusable lids, and am planning on buying more. I found it very important not to tighten the lids too tight until AFTER they had processed in the pressure canner. The first batch were tightened down too tightly and the jars could not vent properly and bulged out a bit. They worked out fine anyway, as they vented when I went to tighten them. Everything sealed up perfectly."
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- 8/4/2012
said: Tony
"This lids are great. First year using them and love them. It is absolutely essential though that you do back off the ring on the pre-process seal. If too tight, the jars do not vent properly. I learned that on the very first batch and lost only one jar seal. Since then, clear sailing. Will definitely buy more."
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- 7/7/2012
said: Diane
"I bought these last summer because I'd been having problems with lost seals on my tomato juice for the past couple of years. (I suspect the metal lid makers stopped using BPH to protect lids from acids.) Anyway, these have worked great! I didn't have a single lost seal. I am now on the website to buy some more for this year."
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- 10/31/2012
said: Anonymous User
"I wanted these lids to be wonderful. I really did! I pressure canned over 300 quarts of food with these, trying to get a success rate equal to traditional metal caps, to no avail. The directions that came with the product were different from those I got when I finally called the company. I tried hard to like them, but what's to like about jars not sealing, as well as jars on the shelf not being sealed weeks down the road?? I also was leary of the plastic... I do not recommend these lids to anyone!"
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- 6/2/2013
said: Terence Cogliano
"I've used these lids two years now, mostly on pickles. Great lids! You do have to back off the ring before processing as one commenter noted, but just as important, you need to tighten the ring when they come out of the water bath in order for them to seal properly. As for the plastic, it should not be heated above 460° per Tattler's website, far above home canning temperatures. Otherwise the plastic appears to be food safe. The rings are latex-free too. It's good to at least have an alternative to the BPA lids."
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