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Country & Cottage Water Systems
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Country & Cottage Water Systems

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Don’t leave your rural or seasonal water system to chance: be prepared! This indispensable guide will save you time, money and headaches.
  • Complete “out-of-the-city” guide fully explains on-site water and sewage systems including pumps, plumbing, water purification and alternative toilets.
  • Covers everything from choosing a pump to troubleshooting septic systems to winterizing seasonal systems.
  • Hardcover spiral-bound with full-color illustrations.
  • Burns, 11-1⁄4"x9-3⁄8", 181 pp.

Demystifying on-site water and sewage systems: New technologies and new solutions
Congratulations! You are now an owner-operator/ Local regulations may vary/ Ignore the bafflegah/ Go for the best

2.Sources of Water
How to tap into all the options

Can we drink it?/ Surface water/ Rain collection/ How to locate groundwater/ Types of wells/ Natural springs/ Recommended setbacks/ Storage systems/ Avoiding well pollution

3. Pump & Circumstance
The how and why (and where and when) of water-moving devices

Pump theory and pump practice/ Manual pumps/ Electric pumps/ Water-powered pumps/ Pumps for special places/ Features to look for

4. Hooking Up the System
From the source to your shower - it's all about connections

The art and science of intake lines/ Repairing cracks and splits/ Strainers, foot valves, and check valves/ Lightning protection/ Options for interior plumbing/ Guide to plastic pipe/ Pressure tanks and switches/ Waste lines/ Troubleshooting guide

5. Checking Your Water Quality
What could be lurking in your lake, river, or well?

What's in the water?/ Waterborne pathogens/ Algae and cyanobacteria/ Minerals and chemical compounds/ Hard, soft, acid, or alkaline?/ Nutrient enrichment/ Getting a water report card

6. Purifying the Water
Helping your H²0 get a clean bill of health

Types of treatment systems: Boiling. Distillation. Filtration. UV Treatment. Reverse Osmosis. Ozonation. Chemical disinfectants/ Non-electric options

7. Dealing With Septic Systems
There's a lot going on at the other end of the pipe

Parts of a septic system/ Types of tanks/ Absorption areas/ Raised beds/ Aerobic systems/ Reducing the system's footprint/ Why things go wrong/ Care and feeding/ Effect on the environment/ Septic dos and don'ts/ Troubleshooting guide

8. Stand-Alone Toilets
No plumbing? No problem. Alternative options for the easy seat

Composting toilets/ Incinerating toilets/ Chemical toilets/ Operating costs and maintenance/ Venting/ Regulations/ Brochure braggadocio

9. The Humble Outhouse
Still considered by many to be the best seat in the house
Advantages of an outhouse/ Where to put your privy/ How deep to dig/ Solving the odour problem/ Variations on the theme/ Design considerations/ Cold weather comfort

10. Grey Water
Neither fresh nor foul, it's in a league of its own

What is this stuff, anyway?/ Putting in a leaching pit/ Testing soil permeability/ Alternatives to the pit/ Separate tank systems/ Grease traps/ Recommended setbacks

11.Getting Water in Winter
Designing a system for cold weather convenience

The hole-in-ice approach: Ice and sugers and axes/ Importing water/ Winterizing pressurized systems/ How to insulate the lines/ Self-draining systems/ Heated water lines/ Thawing out frozen pipes

12. Closing & Opening Up
Rituals for a seasonally adjusted water source

Draining and storing lines/ Shutting down the pump/ Where to use antifreeze/ Tanks and appliances/ Winterizing waste lines/ Flushing antifreeze/ Priming the pump/ Seasonal guides: The flow chart and the unflow chart

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