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How to Build a Fire (And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew) Book
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How to Build a Fire (And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew) Book

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Reap the practical wisdom of another era. Most grandfathers of the past knew how to split firewood, give a firm handshake, carve a turkey, write a love letter and everything in between.
  • Covers dozens of topics, from changing a flat tire to buying a house.
  • Discover forgotten advice on thriving and prospering in today’s world (includes how to hold a newborn and change a diaper).
  • Bried, 5-1⁄4" x 8", 266 pp.
A small sampling of the topics covered:

Meet the Grandfathers

Chapter One: Pioneering
Grow Up: How to plant a tree
Aim True: How to split firewood
Stay Warm: How to build a fire
Get Hooked: How to catch a freshwater fish

Chapter Two: Fixing
Get Hammered: How to drive a nail
Make Room: How to hang drywall
Tidy Up: How to clean your house
Hit the Road: How to pack a car

Chapter Three: Leading
Soldier On: How to be brave
Switch Hats: How to leave work at work
Be Critical: How to think about politics
Cope Well: How to handle bad news

Chapter Four: Prospering
Power Up: How to buy a suit
Command a Room: How to give a speech
Find Shelter: How to buy a house
Keep Your Shirt: How to make a friendly wager

Chapter Five: Thriving
Go Grizzly: How to grow a beard
Drive 'em Wild: How to wear cologne
Stay Cool: How to control your temper
Look Trim: How to get a haircut

Chapter Six: Bonding
Meet Up: How to introduce people
Jump In: How to join a pickup game
Circle Up: How to ask for help
Say Sorry: How to apologize

Chapter Seven: Playing
Grease Palms: How to break in a baseball mitt
Stick It: How to shoot pool
Play Fair: How to be a good sport
Make a Splash: How to do a backflip

Chapter Eight: Dressing
Be Dapper: How to tie four tie knots
Top it Off: How to wear a hat
Go to Press: How to iron a shirt
Thread the Needle: How to sew a button

Chapter Nine: Loving
Go Courting: How to plan a date
Find the One: How to know when to take the plunge
Rockabye Baby: How to hold a newborn
Tuck In: How to banish monsters under the bed

Chapter Ten: Cooking
Be Butch: How to buy meat
Head the Table: How to carve a roasted bird
Live Strong: How to eat healthy
Pump Iron: How to season a cast iron skillet

Chapter Eleven: Hosting
Clink Glasses: How to give a toast
Get Laughs: How to tell a clean joke
Blow Hard: How to play the harmonica
Come Again: How to be a gracious host


Excerpt from Look Sharp, page 184-185

How to Dress For a Date
Step 1: Check your inventory. Stand in front of your closet and take a good honest look at what you've got to work with. Then take everything you've already worn and put it in the hamper and don't even consider reaching for anything made of sweat-suit material. Hopefully, once you eliminate the dirties and the sweats, you've got a few tops, bottoms, and jackets left.

Step 2: Step it up. You want your date to know that you put in extra effort to look your best. So don't wear what you always wear every single day or what you've already been wearing all day long. To look fine you've got to take your style, whatever it happens to be, up a notch. If you're a prep, put on trousers, a button-down shirt, and maybe even a jacket. If you're a jock, wear your best jeans and try a shirt with a collar. If you're a goth, put on a fresh coat of black nail polish and slip a rose into your trench coat pocket. Hey, whatever works.

Step 3: Put your best foot forward. Do not show up for a date in ratty, old, smelly, grass-stained sneakers. Make sure your kicks are fresh and, if necessary, polished.

Step 4: Practice the ol' "How you doin'?" in the bathroom mirror a few times, to get your confidence up, before you go. That's right, "How you doin'?" Uh-huh

More Handy Tips
Never wear flip-flops or sandals on date, unless you're going to the beach and you've recently cut your toenails. Even then, it's iffy.

Always shower and shave before a date, and put on clean undies even if you think the ones you have on already are okay.

A dab of cologne is nice, but don't overdo it, Romeo. See page 120 for advice on how to put on just the right amount.

Be yourself, and look like your best you. Never dress like someone else, unless of course you're going to a costume party.

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