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Dietz Air Pilot Oil Lantern
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Dietz Air Pilot Oil Lantern

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One of our most popular Dietz lanterns. First produced in the 1930s, the Air Pilot has been loved by our Amish customers for years. The Easy-Lite burner design makes it a very practical light.
  • Burns: 27 hrs
  • Wick: 7/8" flat wick
  • Tank: 31 oz.
  • 13-1/2"H
  • 2-1/2 lb
  • Imported
This item has options!
Famous Dietz lanterns stay lit in any weather! Proven in use on Mississippi showboats, New England whalers, steam locomotives and horse-drawn trolleys. With the easiest operation of any lantern, they’re designed for rough-and-tumble outdoor use. Thumb-lever lifts globe for lighting. Hinged globes tilt out for quick cleaning or replacement. Tin-coated steel is finished with durable lacquered enamel to prevent tarnish. Plated tanks resist rust and steel guards protect the heat-resistant globes.

Need replacement parts?
These parts fit the Dietz Air Pilot.
  • Wicks 7/8": #3078755
  • Burner: #370802
  • Clear Globe:#APG (Red globe is also available: #APGR)
  • Filler Cap: Blue #DFC, Red #DFCR, or Black #DFCB.

Customer Reviews of Dietz Air Pilot Oil Lantern
Product Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0(21 reviews)
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- 5/8/2013
said: Anonymous User
"The first lamp wouldn't open correctly to light and the wick adjustment wouldn't turn. The second one worked a lot better, but when I raised the chimney a second time, the lever popped off in my hand. No repair available for the part."
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- 2/2/2013
said: Scot
"I bought two of these, one is great with no problems, the other leaks oil around both upright supports where it is welded to oil tank. The same one that is leaking also has a very tight wick adjuster that is hard to turn without using needle nose pliers. The one that works I would rate 5 stars, the other I rate 1 star so overall 3 stars."
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- 12/2/2014
said: Julien
"This is my first big Kerosene Lantern (7/8 wick, 13+ inches tall) but I have several 1/2 wick, 10 inch tall lanterns that have served me well over the last 15 years (a Dietz Original 76 and two generic clones). I'm decently happy with the build quality of the Air Pilot, but it pales in comparison to my Original 76. Fit and finish are pretty good but not exacting, the weight (especially when fueled) inspires confidence, but the globe, though better than those on a really cheap lantern is thin when compared to the Original 76 or two old barn lanterns that my grandfather had back in the day. Performance wise, I'm averaging 1 hour of burn time for each oz of kerosene (roughly twice as thirsty as my 76). The light output is respectable for a kerosene lantern and roughly 2 - 3 times more than my small 76. I only fill my lantern half way (2 cups, 16 oz) and I've had no issues with leaking. I tried using it with some special lamp oil derived from mineral oil or some such with poor results and a burnt wick to show for it (I've had similar results with other oil lamps with 3/4 wicks and my two generic 1/2 wick lanterns. Oddly the Original 76 does a decent job burning said special lamp oil. With K-1 kerosene, the Air Pilot burns perfectly with only a slightly singed wick to show for hours of use. I use mine for 5 - 6 hours at a time indoors and I've found it to be reliable and stable once it warms up. Outside it's a different story. While the flame won't go out in wind, the Air Pilot is very susceptible to even the slightest breeze. It would be fine in a barn, shed, or house, but outside it will smoke heavily in wind (more so than my other lanterns). International shipping to Canada was surprisingly reasonable ~$10 and my items were really well packaged. Overall for ~$18 I'm quite please with this lantern even though I wasn't initially blown away by the quality. What you do get is quite a lot of lantern for your money. If you need a bright, easy to operate kerosene lantern with a stable base and 24+ hour fuel capacity, this might be the lamp for you. I had also considered the Dietz D-Lite Lantern, but it wasn't in stock at the time making my decision an easy one. I will definitely buy from Lehman's again and recommend to others."
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- 7/8/2013
said: Steve
"How in the WORLD did I end up with two lanterns!! Well, I ordered one it had some scratches in the paint so I asked Lehman's if they knew of some paint I could fix it with. Never got the help I really wanted. But without ever asking a new lantern was shipped to me! Clearly Lehman's is big on customer care."
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- 2/10/2012
said: George Deas
"Quality could have been a little better. Wick adjuster is hard to turn. For China mfg. it is top quality. If it was made in USA it never would have gotten past quality control. For the money it is a very good value."
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- 5/27/2015
said: A J Startz
"Hi-Just opened my new Dietz Air-Pilot: what a honey of a lantern- I have a doz + kero lanterns from a 1909 Shapleigh Hdw (IL) to this newest... It's not like we have no electricity, I luv having a reminder how far Ive come! nothing compares to a lantern glow sitting by a warm stove yet. This one will keep my covered-orange tree from freezing. When I begin feeling what I missed in life, I look back on my past & think.. "but just look what God DID give me?" then, sleep like a baby! Thx, Ur quality speaks itself. A J Startz,Victoria TX "
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- 9/13/2014
said: Doug Strand
"Got my Air Pilot two weeks ago to compliment my 1941 Embury Air Pilot that my Dad used in the calving barn. I would say my new lantern is of similar quality to the 1941 model, is bigger, holds more fuel, and is brighter. I have nine hurricane lanterns and I think this is the brightest. Noticed some discoloration of the top parts after burning lamp oil for a few hours, but that just adds character! Highly recommend this lantern!"
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- 1/31/2014
said: Alex
" Just like most everyone else has noted, the blue Dietz Air Pilot came well packed and protected. It's quite inexpensive for what it is considering most prices today. The lantern gives off quite a bright glow when turned up, but I purchased mine to provide a small amount of heat in a small 4'W x 6'L x 6'H well house to prevent frozen distribution plumbing. It arrived on time - and was just in time to prevent any frozen well pipes as the night time weather temperature dropped to 7 degrees below zero the day it arrived. With the flame turned up, the Air Pilot puts out about 1400 BTU, but it worked perfect at a low flame setting for the small well house. It also sipped its kerosene miserly at the low flame setting, and I didn't have to go check on it the following day (which never made it above 10 degrees, not considering the wind chill). When I did check the lantern, there was still about half a tank of kerosene and the well house was warm enough in spite of the still freezing temperatures outside. I'm very pleased with the Dietz Air Pilot performance as I had been using an over twenty year old small red and brass Dietz Original 76 that would only provide enough heat for about eleven hours before needing a refill. I'm just a little too old now to be going out during winter storms and, using the Air Pilot, I can wait until the weather moderates some before going out to check on the lantern. I like the Air Pilot 13.5" height because it stores well in my utility room shelves, but I may just purchase the taller Dietz Jupiter for its extended burn time of three days - if I can find a good place to properly store it where it will continue to look nice without getting damaged. The Dietz lanterns will always see duty in my home before I go outside to start the generator when the local electric power grid is out. Tornadoes and winter storms frequently cut the power off in my area, and I really don't like going outside when the weather is bad - or sitting in the dark. The Air Pilot also looks nicer than its picture and I'm sure it will continue looking nice in my use, just as my over twenty year old Dietz Original 76 has. I just wish it had some of the brass like my Original 76 has. "
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- 10/17/2013
said: Paul Hvidston
"Perfect, no leaks, a substantial and beautiful Dietz lantern. Fueled up, tested and ready for the next blackout. Well packed and quickly shipped. Will buy more. Thanks, Lehman's!"
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- 2/12/2013
said: Anonymous User
"Lehman's replaced the leaky lantern with no problems!! Great customer service!!"
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