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The Self-Sufficiency Specialist
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The Self-Sufficiency Specialist

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This “guide to designing and planning for off-grid self-reliance” includes plans for those living in townhouses, suburban homes and on rural properties. Learn how to:
  • Implement off-grid water and energy
  • Super-insulate your home
  • Recycle water and waste
  • Keep livestock and bees
  • Grow organic food and more
  • Concise, practical instructions; packed with detailed illustrations.
  • Bridgewater, 7-3⁄16"X9-5⁄16", 80 pp.

Author's Foreword

Getting Started
What is self-sufficiency?
The benefits of self-sufficiency
Considering your options
A place in the town
A place in the country

The Self-Sufficient Set-Up
The self-sufficient town house
The self-sufficient village cottage
The self-sufficient smallholding
Off-grid water
Recycling water
Cookers and stoves
Solar collectors and Trombe walls
Solar or photovoltaic cells
Wind turbines
Geothermal heating
Water or hydro turbines
Inverters and batteries
Super-insulating your home
Recycling your household waste
Growing organic vegetables
Growing organic fruit
Growing herbs

Keeping Animals
Keeping chickens
Keeping ducks
Keeping geese
Keeping goats
Keeping sheep
Keeping a cow
Keeping pigs
Keeping bees

Using Your Produce
Storing food
Making jam
Making chutney
Drying food
Smoking food
Making beer
Making cider
Making wine
Making vegetarian soup
Making candles


From the Author's Foreword

We were warned. We knew that we were poisoning our environment, so it had to happen. Our once green and bounteous Mother Earth is sick. This is not a hidden sickness; the physical symptoms are clear for all of us to see. The air is thick with pollution, our forests are shrinking, carbon emissions are rising, global warning is a measurable fact, our food contains so much rubbish that it is making us ill, the fish are dying, ocean levels are rising and there is climate chaos. The good news is that self-sufficiency offers exciting, dynamic, practical, down-to-earth solutions to the problem of how to live in a leaner, greener, cleaner way. No more sitting around being a victim and complaining how the problem is so monumental that it can only be solved by people in power.

Self-sufficiency offers practical and detailed solutions to the problems of living in a way that will invigorate the planet. Imagine an off-grid home independent of mains services, clean wholesome organic food, fresh air, growing your own produce, more exercise, less pollution, you and your children working and playing in a world humming with healthy wildlife. Self-sufficiency offers you a real, practical, pioneering, hands-on way forward.

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