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Hand-Cranked Oil Press
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Hand-Cranked Oil Press

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Make your own healthy, delicious oils from almost any nut or seed - right in your own kitchen. Freshly pressed oils have unique, complex flavors that bottled oils can't match, and fresh oils may have added health benefits, too. Our European-style mill makes it easy to press your own. As far as we know, it's the only home-sized, non-electric oil mill on the market today.

  • Flame from the small oil lamp (included) heats seeds so you can extract more oil
  • Press up to 8 cups per hour
  • Culinary oils include sesame, safflower, sunflower, grape seed, canola, apricot kernel, coconut, hazelnut, peanut, pumpkin and walnut oils
  • Use in cooking, as health supplements, and in making all-natural homemade soaps, beauty products, even paints
  • Also makes peanut butter and other nut butters
  • Mount to a table, floor or wall
  • Requires colored lamp oil (not included)
  • Press cake (what remains after pressing the seeds) can be used as animal feed
  • Uses a funnel made from a plastic soda bottle as seed hopper (you supply funnel)
  • User's manual included
  • Compact size - only 8"H and less than 5 lb (4-3/4 lb); handle 11-1/4"L
  • Holland
  • See description below for Frequently Asked Questions and more info

Note: This press CANNOT be used for fruit and olives.

Our hand-crank mill will process the following oils:
Sesame Seed
Pumpkin Seed
Niger Seed
Sunflower Seed
Oil Palm Kernel
Babassu Kernel
Soya Bean
Cocoa Bean

Some general tips:

  • Grease all rotating parts with vegetable oil only
  • Remove sand and stones from the seed before pressing
  • All seeds can be pressed without removing the husks
  • Nuts may be coarsely ground or hammered before pressing
  • Seeds and nuts should be well dried (best moisture content for most seeds and nuts is 8%)

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1) What materials is the press made from? Specifically, what materials in the press actually touch the seeds being pressed?
        The screw is made of cutting steel. The press is steel 37. The outside is powder coated.

        2) Is there any certification or testing to prove the that materials touching the seeds/oil are food safe?No, not at this time.

        3) What type of lubricant is used in the turning mechanism and is there any chance it can leach into the oil that is extracted?
        The oil that is pressed is also used as lubricant. There is hardly any wear and tear, because the pressed oil lubricates the inside constantly. This is also the reason why normal steel is used: it is always protected by oil. For this reason we advise customers not to use it for pressing juices.

        4) Is there any possibility that by-products from the flame of the lamp can get into the oil or contaminate the oil?
        No, if soot is formed it will not get in contact with the oil. It is important to follow the instructions in the manual.

        5) Can I use the press without lighting the candle?
        The press may be used without the candle, but we do not recommend it. It is almost impossible to turn and the extraction rate will drop by 60% to 80%.

        6) How warm does the oil get when pressed?
        We don't have data on how warm the pulp/oil/seeds are heated by the candle. The press body gets too hot to touch. The oil is warm enough that we can't call it "cold pressed" but we don't believe it is hot enough for significant nutrient loss. There are many variables: Candle height, drafts in the room, etc.

        Note: This press CANNOT be used for fruit and olives.

        Customer Reviews of Hand-Cranked Oil Press
        Product Rating: 2.8 out of 5.0(5 reviews)
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        - 1/30/2012
        said: Tim
        "If living off grid and outside the grocery supply line this is a must. You will be using more cooking oil than you will be using flower. You can not meat the freshness of the oil that you are producing. I have used other units but the to replace the forcing reducer with an off the shelf reducer that can be bought at almost any hardware or plumbing store. Fore larger things like sunflower (more tailing to oil and lots of dry output) and others you can just use an open reducer and no plug."
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        - 1/22/2011
        said: Rosemarie
        "Easy to use and clean. should have bought one a long time ago."
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        - 1/24/2013
        said: Anonymous User
        "I grew a batch of canola seed and was looking forward to the oil from it using this press. I tried every possible combination of heat, reducer setting, speed of turning the handle, etc and in every case there was almost no oil and the seed caked up so hard it took forever to clean it all out. Can't recommend it for small seed. Haven't tried it with larger seed."
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        - 12/28/2012
        said: Anonymous User
        "We searched online for help to work this useless invention. Most said it had a learning curve. I think it should operate easily from the start. We literally had to chisel the rock hardened nuts out of the crushed area. Don't bother buying this; you'd be better off with a hammer. "
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        - 9/18/2011
        said: Larry Feltz
        "Product is o.k."
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