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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak
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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak

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This safe, natural, 100% herbal treatment wipes out nail fungus! Easy to use and potent, with results guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Effectively treats fingernails, toenails, persistent athlete’s foot and cracked heels.
  • Contains Equisetum, Mentha, Lavendula and Eucalyptus.
  • Steep herbs in apple cider vinegar (not included) and soak affected areas 3-5 minutes daily.
  • Complete directions included. USA made.
  • .65 oz box includes enough for 2 months of treatment (improvement normally seen in about 6 weeks).
For fingernails and toenails. Also effective in treating persistent athlete's foot and cracking heel. Herbal Nail Fungus Soak is made in America.

1. Bring 4 cups apple cider vinegar just to a boil and shut off heat, in a stainless, glass, enamel or non-stick pan. (DO NOT use aluminum or cast iron.)
2. Add the Nail Soak herbs and stir briefly.
3. Cover the pan with a lid and remove from heat and let the mixture cool overnight.
4. Next day, strain out the herbs, keeping the liquid and discarding the herbs. This liquid can be reused for up to 2 months.

To use: Soak affected area on hands or feet 3-5 minutes daily (soaking longer isn't necessary). Pat dry but don't rinse after soaking.

To soak feet, if that area is affected, use an inexpensive plastic shoe storage box (available at most discount stores). Put the liquid into the shoe storage box and keep it next to the shower so that you can soak after bathing. Keep the box covered and out of direct sunlight. The liquid does not require refrigeration, but might evaporate if not covered. Label the box so it doesn't get poured out by mistake.

New, healthy nail growth or improvement generally begins to be seen in about 6 weeks. For slower growing nails, look for improvement the second or third time you trim your nails. Continue treatment until damaged nails grow out, or symptoms disappear. Successful treatment may take more than one box.

NOTE: You will need 1 qt of apple cider vinegar, plus the contents of one box. If you have a choice, avoid vinegar that includes caramel coloring. It isn't harmful, but the coloring may temporarily discolor the nails slightly. The best vinegar to use is the least expensive apple cider vinegar from the grocery store. (The mfg. suggests you avoid using fancy, health store vinegars for this purpose, as most are unpasteurized and are not as effective.) Surprisingly, inexpensive store brands of plain, brown, apple cider vinegar work the best.

Customer Reviews of Herbal Nail Fungus Soak
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- 4/22/2013
said: Dan Clark
"I have been using the product for a month now. My extreme case of athlete's feet is gone. I am still working on nail fungus. I am seeing improvement. Will continue to use. This is so much better than the pills the doctor wanted to prescribe. "
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- 9/19/2012
said: Ellie
"It works! I have tried everything from Vicks, Listerine, Tea Tree Oil to expensive prescriptions. Nothing has worked until now. Give it a try."
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- 4/26/2012
said: Paula
"This is my second order of this product. I'm using it as instructed but I've found through evaporation and occasional spillage it would be best to mix up a double batch. My nail fungus has almost completely vanished. I've researched other treatments and I chose this one because there are no side effects or harmful chemicals."
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- 2/13/2012
said: Michael Galloway
"I live on the Gulf Coast and wade fish a lot. A couple of years ago I developed a dark fungus under my big toenail. I have used Fungicure religiously for what seems like years, to absolutely no avail, and I am wary of the prescription meds. I have used the Herbal Soak for six weeks, and as advertised,I have noticed a BIG change. It's very easy to use and I notice no residual odor."
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- 2/8/2012
said: Dennis Dorries
"WOW! I have had this nail fungus problem for many, many years. This is the ONLY PRODUCT that has even come close to eliminating this fungus. I am in the process of ordering another kit to use on my toes."
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- 9/10/2014
said: Kathy
"I have had nail fungus for probably 15 years. I've tried prescription meds, Vicks, and the nail fungus soak. Unfortunately, none of them has worked. I soaked my feet every night for 2 months straight, never missing a night, and noticed no difference. I'm sorry to say it did not help. "
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