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Bottoms Up (Simple and Entertaining) Tavern Puzzle
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Bottoms Up (Simple and Entertaining) Tavern Puzzle

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Back in the day, country inns kept these charming puzzles to entertain guests in the evenings. Ours are reproduced by a museum-trained blacksmith working from original antiques and his own twisted mind. Solving these puzzles doesn't require trickery or force - just mind over matter. Even in today's age of technology, you won't want to put them down. Made by mild steel (similar to iron) averaging 10"-12"L, 1-2 lb.

Object: Remove ring.

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What the Puzzles Do: Each puzzle is mechanical in nature: you do not need to use any force or tricks. Puzzles are solved when the object piece is removed. Every puzzle can be considered two puzzles in one, because the solution is not truly mastered until the object piece is returned to its starting point.

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