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How to Sew a Button (And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew) Book
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How to Sew a Button (And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew) Book

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Save time, money and hassle by learning how to do it all yourself. Learn how to make gravy, knit a scarf, master the waltz, get rid of mice, shop without credit and tie a necktie.
  • Several sections, including cooking, gardening, cleaning, nesting, saving and entertaining.
  • Written in witty, down-to-earth style, this book is as entertaining as it is instructive.
  • Bried, 5-1⁄4" x 8", 278 pp.
Some of the topics covered in How to Sew a Button:

Meet the Grandmothers

Chapter One: Cooking
Be a Strong Chick: How to roast a whole chicken
Be a Good Catch: How to fillet a fish
Find a Slice of Heaven: How to make a pie
Stay Sharp: How to hone a knife

Chapter Two: Gardening
Grow Your Own: How to plant a vegetable garden
Beat the Grass: How to chase a snake out of your garden
Preserve Knowledge: How to dry apples
Buy Locally: How to shop at the farm

Chapter Three: Cleaning
Harness the Wind: How to install a clothesline
Get a Clean Slate: How to kill mildew
Freshen Up: How to spring clean
Clean Naturally: How to use vinegar to clean almost everything

Chapter Four: Dressing
Save Your Shirt: How to Sew a Button
Toast Your Tootsies: How to Darn wool socks
Get Crafty: How to make an apron
Be Seamly: How to buy quality clothing

Chapter Five: Nesting
Get Stoked: How to build a fire
Nail It: How to hang a picture
Bloom On: How to make a centerpiece
Go With the Flow: How to Unclog a Drain

Chapter Six: Thriving
Soothe a Cold: How to make a hot tea toddy
Feel Glamorous: How to wear red lipstick
Feel Invincible: How to protect yourself from danger
Know Your Assets: How to love your body at any size

Chapter Seven: Loving
Spark Imagination: How to make a baby toy
Teach Responsibility: How to delegate chores
Dress 'Em Up: How to tie a necktie
Shoulder Up: How to be a strong partner

Chapter Eight: Saving
Banish Debt: How to shop without credit
Shop for Free: How to barter
Drive a Bargain: How to negotiate a better price
Make Change: How to throw a yard sale

Chapter Nine: Joining
Be Neighborly: How to enjoy the folks next door
Expand Your Circle: How to make friends
Lend a Hand: How to volunteer
Say It with a Smile: How to win an utterly silly argument (without saying much at all)

Chapter Ten:Entertaining
Raise Your Voice: How to sing in harmony
Party On: How to host a potluck dinner party
Express Gratitude: How to write a thank you note
Get Better with Age: How to make dandelion wine


Excerpt from Plant One On, page 155-156

How to Soothe a Minor Burn with a Plant
Step 1: Assess your burn. If it is serious, seek medical attention. If it's not, then with clenched teeth and a pained smile, suck in a deep and noisy breath allowing the air to rush over your molars. This won't help your injury at all, but it may earn you some sympathy from anyone standing nearby.

Step 2: Break off a bottom leaf from an aloe plant, and watch the clear, goopy sap begin to ooze.

Step 3. Smear the sap from the leaf onto your burn for cool comfort. It'll help reduce inflammation and redness.

Step 4. If sap remains inside the leaf, store the leaf in your freezer to help maintain its freshness. Hopefully, you'll never need it again, but if you do, you'll have it handy.

More Nifty Tips
Fresh aloe also helps soothe sunburn and itches from insect bites and poison ivy.

Even black-thumbed gardeners can grow aloe vera plants. They thrive indoors, in full or partial sun, and they require very little water.

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