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Breathing Hand Washer
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Breathing Hand Washer

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Plunge up and down to force soap and water through clothes and linens – it’s that simple. Faster, more economical and much more efficient than traditional hand washing, and they just may get your clothes cleaner than an electric or gas-powered machine. Reduces wear on clothes and saves water, too.

  • Named "breathing" washer because of the sound it makes as its unique action effectively pushes and pulls soap and water through your clothes
  • Heavy-duty plastic agitator and splash guard can never rust
  • Sturdy, smooth wooden handle
  • 29-3/4"L, agitator 8-1/8"OD, 1-1/4 lb
  • USA made
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Ideal for campers, RV users and college students washing small loads of laundry anytime, safely cleans delicate items. Ideal for washing clothes during power outages.

Customer Reviews of Breathing Hand Washer
Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0(37 reviews)
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- 11/29/2012
said: Anonymous User
"Works great. A must for campers or just to have in case your washer brakes. I tried it out and before I knew it my wash was done. I was surprised at how dirty the wash water was when I was done. It really got my clothes clean."
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- 11/13/2012
said: Anonymous User
"It works exactly as it is supposed to. My clothes are way cleaner than wasting fifteen to twenty dollars at the neighborhood laundromat and being bored out of mind waiting for the machine to finish. I have NEVER been this enthusiastic about washing clothes until I got this thing. I don't need much detergent. I also add a little bit of borax for more cleaning power. Everyone should buy this thing and use it! I can't wait to buy the clothes wringer because I've read lots of reviews from other websites and it has been stated time and time again that laundry is best completed and dries quicker with the breathing washer and Lehman's wringer together. They are less stress on hands and pay for themselves thousands of times over. I also can't wait to try the Fels Naptha soap too. I was told that my grand and great grand parents used these methods of self sufficiency, got better results and saved money too. You may have to put physical muscle into it but guess what, you save money and most importantly it works!"
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- 10/31/2012
said: Anonymous User
"So simple, but truly cleans clothes better then my washer ever did! Easy to get through several loads."
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- 9/21/2012
said: Maryann Tempest
"Love it! It works great. It's so easy to use. I ordered it so I wouldn't have to use my washer for my yellow lab's wool blanket, which is always hairy. I hated cleaning out the hair from my washing machine. I was so amazed at how easy it worked and how clean it got his bedding - I'm now using it for all my laundry. I can do three large washer loads of clothes in less time than it takes to do one load with my electric washer."
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- 9/9/2012
said: Dwight
"So my spouse things I'm totally nuts for buying this plunger to wash clothes in a 5 gal. bucket. But you know what, it works great. In fact it gets clothes as clean or cleaner that the washing machine. So there are some caviots to using it. First, buy a longer handle at Home Depot for $6.97 and your back will thank you for it. Second, wear rubberized gloves (the same one's you wear in the garden work fine for me). I learned this last trick the first time I did a load. I was so enthusiastic that I created a huge blister on the palm of my hand. The longer handle really eliminates that problem as well as the bending back issue. I did an entire weeks worth of colored clothes yesterday. This was a big effort. Quite a workout. But I wanted to see how it worked on jeans and dress slacks and shirt. I recommend putting the wet wash through 3 rinses if you have the strength. The first really just removes the left over wash/soapy water from the clothes. The second rinse get most of the rest of it out. And into the third I added about 2 Tbls of fabric softener. Well rinsed clothes are not stiff when dried on a clothes line. Its really true. Merely wringing clothes by hand(by then I was real tired) left them nearly sopping wet. So onto the outside clothes line they went. Three hours later in the southern CA sunshine, they were dry. Now if you are willing to spend 15 minutes with a hot iron, the outcome for dress shirts, slacks and jeans will please the most sceptical holdout. Here's another trick to please those finicky household members who do not like their clothes line-dried. Dry outdoors til nearly dry. Put the T-shirts and jeans or what ever else they object to being stiffer than usual into the drier for 20 minutes. It works like a charm to fluff it up and make everyone happy. So in summation, this rapid washer works in less water and with less detergent just great. I don't know if I would want to do all this sopping wet work out on the driveway in the dead of winter. The 3 hour dry time I have just reported would be more like 3 days. Just do smaller loads 2 or 3 times a week instead of all at once and this system will make you smile due to its performance, sustainable impact, and plenty of water to pour on the thirsty flower garden. Thumbs up for the big blue plunger."
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- 9/3/2012
said: Elena
"I am VERY impressed with this item! It is work, but I can get my clothes (diapers in my case) to agitate wonderfully. The design is great, I stand over my wash tub and plunge fast and vigorous for awhile. I have only had a few times that the head tries to work it's way off, but I just screw it back on and continue on plunging away. My 17 month old daughter LOVES to help, she actually fights me for the Hand Washer!"
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- 9/2/2012
said: Carol S.
"I absolutely love this thing! It works great on all clothes (delicates, jeans, etc.) and gives me a good workout at the same time. I actually look foward to washing clothes when I use it! I place my washing buckets in the tub and sit on the edge so I don't have to bend over and strain my back. The only negative is that sometimes the washer unscrews from the stick while I'm washing, but I just keep twisting it tight a few times. It's no big deal for me. Otherwise, I love it and I'm so glad I got it."
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- 5/16/2012
said: CeeCee
"I love this washer. I've had my eye on it for a while. I finally bought it, and it lives up to what I thought it would. Yes, the handle comes undone, but you can easily solve it. It's very well made. I like that I can take it apart and let it dry off. I have used this along with some goat milk soap and have gotten out stains I have never been able to get out before."
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- 5/16/2012
said: Lori Davis
"I've been pondering purchasing one of these for some time. I live in hurricane country, and having been through several major storms in the past, have learned how important it is to be be able to revert back to "old fashioned" living skills to take care of myself and my family. This breathing hand washer is a great thing to have in case of long term power outages. I couldn't wait to try it when the mailman dropped it off. I filled my big bucket and poured in just a little bit of soap and proceeded to wash an entire basket of clothing. I couldn't believe how well it circulated the clothing, and with just a couple minutes of plunging, everything was clean! I love this! Washing my clothes with little soap and water, made me feel like I was doing something great for the planet by conserving water and energy! Even if you live in a condo in the city, if you want to be prepared for anything, or just want to be eco-friendly, this breathing hand washer is the way to go!"
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- 3/24/2012
said: Lynn
"I like this but the handle comes unscrewed all the time when I am using it. Other than that, it does a pretty good job, especially in a bucket."
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