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Pre-Seasoned No-Drip Waffle Iron
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Pre-Seasoned No-Drip Waffle Iron

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Make delectable, crispy-edged, round waffles on any stove, grill or over the campfire and crown them with butter and syrup or fruit.
  • Makes 7"OD waffles. 5"L iron handle, 14"L overall, 8 lb.
  • Seasoning instructions included
  • China

Note: Not recommended for glass top ranges.

Need to re-season your cast-iron cookware?
Lightly coat inside and outside with only liquid vegetable oil. Make sure to get all the corners. (Do not use butter, margarine or solid vegetable oil such as Crisco).

Customer Reviews of Pre-Seasoned No-Drip Waffle Iron
Product Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0(2 reviews)
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- 7/7/2014
said: Linda Cutler
"I read George Woosters review and am pleased I did not experience his problems with the waffle maker. It did seem rough but had no sticking problems. I made sure my iron was really hot before putting in batter. not sure if that was the difference or not. My family likes the small hole in their waffles as opposed to the Belgium waffels. Small hole waffle irons are hard to find. This one works great on the stove top, as well as in a hot, hot oven. I should have bought two as I have a large family. Aw what the heck, I'm gonna order me another one. Waffles come out crisp (with the right recipie) and evenly browned. Seriously, these remind me of the waffles I had as a kid."
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- 2/10/2013
said: George Wooster
"This eventually will be a good waffle maker unless I die first, trying to make it work. It was a gift, otherwise I'd have returned it. The paper attached to the handle says "...pre-seasoned, non-stick finish". They lie. It was pre-seasoned but rougher than a cob and no recipe known to man would work in this machine, all would stick to both surfaces regardless of how much oil/crisco/PAM was used. I finally got disgusted, took it out to the shop and wire brushed and buffed it to within an inch of it's life. It is still not smooth (that would take a lifetime) but good enough so that now, after I've reseasoned it, two out of three waffles survive being cooked in this thing. I'm getting there, and eventually this will be a good waffle maker, but the journey is a long hard trek. Spend the money and buy something made by Lodge or another company that makes quality product and save yourself a lot of grief"
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