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Hand-Powered Water Pump
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Hand-Powered Water Pump

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In an emergency, power outage or any time you need to move lots of water, this pump handles the job with amazing speed and power – up to 90 gallons per minute. Crank it by hand or use with a power drill; the choice is yours.

  • Empty a flooded basement, drain flooded areas around a house or cottage, pump rain barrel water directly onto your garden, transfer water for livestock.
  • Sets up in seconds (instructions included)
  • No electricity or messy fuel needed
  • Economical to use and easy to take into hard-to-reach areas or difficult terrain
  • Tough, ABS plastic body is lightweight, will never rust
  • 2" inlet and outlet can be reduced using standard ABS reducers (Minimum reduction is 3/4")
  • 11-1/2"Hx10"Wx10-3/4"D, 4-1/4 lb
  • Not for use with any flammable liquid
  • Canada
Important: At start-up, you will need to crank the pump at a much faster pace until fluid is inside the pump. The distance the water is being moved will affect the speed that you have to crank. For maximum function, use a power drill.
Pumps up to 20' in either direction. Can pump 4' straight up when turning by hand and up to 12' when using a drill, 200 RPM max.

Note: This pump can move a variety of liquids, but is best suited for water. Not recommended for drinking water. Not for use with any flammable liquid.

Customer Reviews of Hand-Powered Water Pump
Product Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 2/5/2016
said: Ian
"Mine has quite a bit of friction just to turn it alone, which is annoying. I have been using it to flood my ice rink on my pond using a stout 1/2" 18V drill to drive it. I pump up about 3' and then just out the 2" outlet to flood a 1/4 acre. I'm guessing its close to 50gpm, but I've never measured. I do overspeed it to prime it, but it doesn't seem to matter."
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- 4/26/2015
said: Anonymous User
"See other reviews...I was using the garden hose adapter with this pump to pump out a spring house, from higher elevation to lower elevation (that is, downhill). It wouldn't prime...period. I took off the adapter and filled it directly from a bucket to get it fully primed, put on the adapter/hose again, and it would only pump for about 2 cranks, then lose prime again. Also, it isn't really portable...very difficult to hold it and try and crank without it being screwed down onto some sort of permanent base. Waste of money..."
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- 10/31/2014
said: Anonymous User
"I followed directions and had no luck pumping water from my spring. The couple of times it primed it was too hard to crank, then you would lose prime. I tried half a day to get it to work with no luck. "
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- 9/5/2014
said: Grant Von Letkemann
"Purchased this item as a back-up/ emergency transfer pump to move water. Followed instructions exactly and used 2" ABS on the inlet and outlet as well as attempting to lift water approximately 3 feet and transfer to a holding area with a run of about 2 feet. Tried both hand cranking and with power drill. Neither worked. hand cranked for several minutes and nothing happened. Used power drill below 200RPM and still nothing. I would NOT recommend this pump to someone."
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