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Gardening When It Counts Book
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Gardening When It Counts Book

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Garden like your ancestors did! Now more than ever, people are rediscovering traditional, low-input gardening methods to produce their own food.
  • Learn which vegetables are the easiest to grow; how to make homemade organic fertilizer that really works; how to choose, use and sharpen hand tools; composting, root-cellaring and irrigation techniques; and chemical-free handling of insects and diseases
  • Eye-opening information for novices and veterans alike
  • Solomon, 6"×9", 340 pp
  1. Introduction
    • The comng hard times
    • Getting land
    • Becoming a vegetableatarian
  2. Basics
    • What is a vegetable?
    • Helping plants grow
    • Increasing soil fertility
    • Summary
  3. Tools and tasks
    • The basic three and a file
    • How to start a new garden
    • Raised beds and raised rows
    • The bow rake
    • Restoring a raised bed for planting again
    • The hoe
    • Miscellaneous tools
    • Care of tools
  4. Garden Centers
    • Transplants: Buyer beware
    • Growing your own seedlings the easy way
    • The garden center seedrack
  5. Seeds
    • The mail-order seed business
    • Who to buy from
    • Making seeds come up
    • Saving on seed purchases
    • Growing your own
  6. Watering ... and not
    • Four spacing systems
    • Not suffering drought
    • A gardener's textbook of sprinkler irrigation
  7. Compost
    • Why compost?
    • Making low-grade compost
    • Medium-quality compost: The once-a-year heap
    • Humanure
    • Green manure and cover crops
  8. Insects and diseases
    • Avoiding trouble
    • Insects and their remedies
    • Diseases and their remedies
  9. What to grow ... and how to grow it
    • Some general tips
    • Crops that are easiest
    • Crops that are harder to grow
    • Difficult vegetables
  10. Bibliography
    • Books
    • Online
About the Author

Excerpt from page 6

I wish I could tell you how much food could be produced from a particular amount of land, but ther are too many factors at play. How fertile is the land? How deep and what type is the souil? How skilled is the gardener? How much water is available, either from rainfall or from irrigation? How will the weather be that season? What sorts of vegetables will be attemtped? Will the crops be ideally suited to the climate and soil> What quality of seeds will be used? What is the latitude (which determines the duration and strength of sunshine for the growing season)? How many frost-free days are there? How severe is the winter?

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