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Family Preparedness Handbook
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Family Preparedness Handbook

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In today's uncertain times, you can't afford to be unprepared. Following this wide-ranging guide will enable you to live from your personal resources for as long as needed - regardless of external situations. Covers a vast array of topics, from home food and water storage and preparation (with dozens of recipes), to alternative energy sources and fuel storage, even battling stress during and after emergencies and trauma.
  • Includes a self-assessment test to help you get started, numerous charts, worksheets and tables, helpful resources
  • A revised, expanded 12.5 edition of the popular Making the Best of Basics book
  • Stevens, 8-1⁄2"x11", 29 chapters
      Chapter 1:
    The Wake-Up Call
      Chapter 2: The Time to Prepare is Now!
      Chapter 3: Preparedness Lifestyle
      Chapter 4: The Path to Family Preparedness
      Chapter 5: 72-Hr. E/PAK - Emergency/Preparedness Action Kit
      Chapter 6: Getting Your Household in Order - Family Preparedness Household Notebook
      Chapter 7: In-Home Storage - A Basic Strategy for Family Preparedness
      Chapter 8: In-Home Convenience Store
      Chapter 9: Managing Long-Term Storage - Basics of Storage Problems & Solutions
    Chapter 10: Water - the Absolute Basic
    Chapter 11: Basics of Dairy Products from Powdered Milk
    Chapter 12: Basic Sprouting Guide - Healthy Kitchen Gardening
    Chapter 13: Basics of Honey Use
    Chapter 14: Wheat - the Basic Grain
    Chapter 15: Basics of Whole-Wheat Flour Cookery
    Chapter 16: Basics of "WheatMeat" Cookery
    Chapter 17: Basics of Sourdough Cookery
    Chapter 18: Basics of White Flour Cookery
    Chapter 19: Basics of Triticale Flour Cookery
    Chapter 20: Basics of In-Home Drying - Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables
    Chapter 21: Basics of preparing Game Meats, Fish, and Fowl
    Chapter 22: Energy and Fuels Storage
    Chapter 23: Basics of Supplementation - Vitamins, Minerals, & Herbs
    Chapter 24: Basics of Battling Stress - How to Reduce Stress and Pain
    Chapter 25: Basics of Essentials Oils
    Chapter 26: Basics of Genetic Engineering
    Chapter 27: Creating a Preparedness Library
    Chapter 28: Acquiring Gold & Silver
    Chapter 29: Basics of Medical Survival

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    - 7/15/2011
    said: Channa
    "This is a prepper's Bible. If you only by one book this should be the one. It is very accurate, complete and no stone is left unturned. I love this book so much I keep current with the latest edition so I do not miss any information. A must have for your library!"
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