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Rain Harvesting Starter Kit
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Rain Harvesting Starter Kit

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Here’s the easy way to “harvest” fresh, free rainwater for your garden, flowerbeds, trees or grass.
  • This all-in-one kit collects, filters and stores.
  • Total wt approx.10 lb, imported.

Note: Not to be used for collecting drinking or cooking water.
Collapsible Barrel-With a 60-gallon capacity, it’s the largest barrel we carry. Sturdy aluminum frame supports flexible, durable and wear-resistant PVC barrel. Included 16' hose and tap fittings are compatible for use with buckets, watering cans and hoses. Barrel collapses to store easily when not in use. 34"Hx23-1⁄2"OD.
Clean Rain™ downspout diverter-Stainless steel mesh screen deflects leaves and debris away from the flow of water, maximizing your rainwater collection. Smart Sense™ First Flush feature ensures that the "first flush" of rainwater (which often contains contaminants from the roof) goes down the downspout – not into your collected water. Self-regulating valve automatically adjusts flow according to the intensity of rainfall. Fits common downspouts: 3", 4", 2x3" and 3x4". Two downspout adapters included. Minimal maintenance; works and cleans automatically once installed. 22-1⁄2"H.

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