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Bummis™ Cloth Diapers
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Bummis™ Cloth Diapers

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After countless customer requests, we found a fantastic line of cloth diapers to offer you!

Best for baby- Cloth diapers are the solution for babies with sensitive skin or allergies to chemicals used in some disposable diapers. Soft, absorbent fabrics wrap baby in comfort, yet keep clothes and bedding dry.

Practical, money-saving and eco-friendly- A one-time investment saves you up to thousands of dollars over the time your baby needs diapers. Plus, you’re preventing hundreds of pounds of disposable diapers from sitting in a landfill.

Not your mother’s cloth diapers- Great news for today’s families: modern technology replaces the tight plastic pants and sharp pins of yesterday. Snap closures, flushable liners and easy-to-wash, waterproof fabrics make Bummis™ diapers simpler to use than you’ve ever imagined.

  • Pack of 6 organic cotton prefold diapers.
  • Use inside any diaper cover.
  • 4x8x4 ply.
  • Very absorbent, soft, economical and long-lasting.
  • Natural color.
  • Pakistan

Note: Launder with zero-residue detergent or soap ONLY.

Currently Unavailable
Newborn (4-9 lb)- 13"Lx9-1⁄4"W
Small (7-15 lb)- Approx. 16-1⁄4"Lx12-1⁄4"W
Large (15-40 lb)- Approx. 21"Lx14-1⁄2"W

Washing diapers- First run a cold pre-wash (or a short cycle with no detergent), then a regular wash in hot water (60C/140F max)
Rinse diapers in lots of water to avoid build-up of detergent, bacteria and urine.
Dry in the dryer or outside on a clothesline (check the label of your product, as some products should only be hung to dry).

Detergents- A zero residue detergent is recommended. If you have a top loader, you can use the full recommended amount of a zero residue detergent. If you have a front loader or HE machine, stick to the lower end of the recommended amount of detergent.
Choose a detergent that does not contain any of the following additives, as they can create residue problems. Detergent residue will lead to leaking, absorbency issues and stinky wraps.

  • Fabric softeners
  • Natural oils
  • Perfumes
  • Dyes
  • UV brighteners
  • Stain guard ingredients
  • Enzymes (they will not affect performance, but may cause rashes on some babies’ skin).
Detailed washing instructions included. Please contact us for a complete list of approved detergents.

Customer Reviews of Bummis™ Cloth Diapers
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(2 reviews)
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- 12/28/2012
said: Anonymous User
"I tried every disposable option I could find when my newborn came home from the hospital with a horrible rash. I finally gave in & tried cloth. Now I'm not sure why I ever used 'sposies! Bummis is a GREAT brand. They have high quality, durable products. They have wonderful customer service. I would recommend these to ANYONE with a baby!"
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- 9/7/2012
said: Mary Sutton
"If you are looking for easy to use cloth diapers, with quality that will last (easily) through several children, these are the ones to buy. The size S diapers took us through the first 9 or 10 months, and are still in great shape. I use them for doublers inside of the larger diapers for nighttime use now. I love the ease of using these, since they are pre-folded. Other great points are that they saved us a TON of money, and saved the landfill a TON of paper and plastic that didn't need to be sent there. Not to mention our daughter's comfort in not having her bum encased in paper, plastic, and chemicals. These diapers are a GREAT investment for parents with a baby!"
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