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The Grand Double-Wick Lamp
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The Grand Double-Wick Lamp

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Illuminates brightly, providing more than twice the light of one standard wick. Two 1-1⁄16"W flat cotton wicks and a brass duplex burner. Attractive, fanned-out base with 12-sided font.
  • Holds approx. 28 fl oz of fuel
  • Chimney 10"H x 2-1⁄2"OD, lamp 20-1⁄2"H, 3-3⁄4 lb
  • Exclusively made for Lehman’s
  • China
A Story of Light
“My father and I personally visited the manufacturer of the double-wick burner, just before the manufacturer went out of business. We fell in love with the two times brighter light and the very cool push button extinguisher. We bought every last burner he had. I then began the process of creating a lamp to go with the solid brass burner. This exclusive lamp is now assembled in our own facility.”
– Galen Lehman, President of Lehman’s

“Order soon, since we have limited supplies.”

Customer Reviews of The Grand Double-Wick Lamp
Product Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0(22 reviews)
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- 2/20/2014
said: Ricky Moore
"The double burner puts out great light volume, lighting the room. Arrived just as promised. Lehman's Five Star service, as always. I read the reviews. Remember to check your lamp. Feather the wick, and only fill reservoir half to three quarters full. You need a air pocket between the fuel and burner, so the lamp will burn properly. "
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- 10/5/2012
said: Nancy Sims
"Recieved this lamp in perfect condition. Very pleasantly surprised at the quality. Two wicks are great...it burns quite brightly! Tried it the first night to eat dinner by. It lit the dining room brighter than any of my family thought it would. My husband loves it. It is much bigger than I thought and has a heavy base, making it nice and stable. I highly recommend this lamp. And the sevice was FANTASTIC!"
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- 2/3/2014
said: Sally
"This lamp is taller than I expected....sort of looks like the basic Aladdin...it is beautiful. The light is much brighter than two regular wicks (don't know how that works, but, it definitely does). Best oil lamp I've ever bought!!!"
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- 3/10/2013
said: Wylie
"Great lamp! It provides a great deal more light than I anticipated, certainly more than any single-wick lamp I have, even the round wick lamps. The little lever on the side that extinguishes the wick is especially handy. No smoke, no odor and the flame is out."
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- 3/22/2014
said: J.R
"This lamp is nice. I bought 2 of them for my parents for power outages or just whenever they want to use them. I was nervous about how the delivery process was going to be but my entire order made it just fine (it had enough bubble wrap and paper to survive anything) I immediately assembled them, filled them, and lite them. They put out both intense light and heat. the burner was very well built and felt solid. The only issue was the center tab of the extinguisher it was a little too tight probably would have worn in but after loosening with a small screw driver it worked great all lamps should have this feature. I also found the burner online selling for more then this entire lamp so felt good about choosing Lehman's and I'll be placing another order with them."
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- 1/31/2014
said: Virginia
"I recently purchased this lamp and opened and set it up as soon as it arrived. After reading some reviews where the lamps had issues, I wanted to try it out to be sure all was well. Am not sure now if this lamp is my 1st or 2nd favorite lamp! A hard decision. But I do know that I love this lamp. Great light output, and I think it easily rivals my more expensive Aladdin lamp. It is lovely on the dining room table. But I find I bring it into other rooms where I'm working because of the bright light. I wish now that I had bought at least 2 of these beauties. And yes, the special feature that snuffs out the flame is a great idea. I wish all my lamps had that. By the way--I must say that the Lehman's customer service is tops. The Grand double wick lamp had no issues, but another purchase from the same order DID and Lehman's was quick to respond and solve the problem. Thank you, Lehman's!"
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- 1/29/2015
said: Karen Groom
"Very nice lamp, good and bright, love the automatic wick snuffer. When lamp arrived one of the wheels that move the wick up and down in the burner just spun and wouldn't move the wick. I contacted them and they immediately sent me an new one. No hassle at all. That's important to me. This was my first purchase with Lehman's, Thank you "
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- 1/11/2014
said: Rhonda Kelley
"Received my lamp today and it is just beautiful. Haven't figured out just how the push-button extinguisher works yet, but I will. Love the size and weight of the lamp, and the snug fit of the chimney... no wobble. Thank you, Lehman's for quality products we can trust."
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- 10/22/2013
said: Kimber Caito
"FIRE HAZARD. The oil reservoir is glued to the base, and after a few months, it fell off! Broke and oil went all over the wood floor. We were thankful we were in the room when it happened. Until then, we thought it was wonderful – heavy, good lighting, very useful during power outages. If it were one piece it would be a five-star item. This item should be removed, it is a fire hazard. Glass cannot be glued together permanently! It is bound to come apart eventually."

Lehman's Responds:

Galen Lehman writes: I'm so sorry for the problem you experienced! As soon as we discovered this problem, we opened and checked every lamp. The ones that were incorrectly glued were confined to a small batch that had been apparently assembled by one person. If possible, we re-glued with a special epoxy designed to hold glass permanently. If we couldn't be 100% sure of being able to make a good repair, we destroyed the lamps. Only a very small number of lamps had this problem, and we've had no further reports of breakage since we did the quality inspection. (Note: All lamps that are shaped like this lamp are glued together at the narrowest point.)
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- 11/14/2015
said: Chris C
"A very nice lamp that I know is going to quickly become my favorite. I have quite a collection of oil lamps (some very pricey) and besides my two Aladdin lamps, this one is by far the brightest. It's even close to the Aladdins, although the Aladdins are a whiter light whereas this one is a bit more yellowish. BUT, this double wick lamp is much more maintenance free. As nice as the Aladdins are, the do require more tinkering to keep them working right and you have to keep a close eye on them when in use (I found that out the hard way one night). This double wick lamp on the other hand is very easy to use and maintain. The burner features a couple of very nice touches that I haven't seen on flat-wick lamps (except for one antique): it has a lever that you simply pull down to snuff the flame. You don't have to adjust the flame/wick down or blow--very nice. It also features the upper burner cap twisting off kind of like an Aladdin lamp. What this does is make it easier to light. You don't have to pull the chimney from its holding fingers--all of that comes off with the chimney, exposing the wicks without messing with the adjustment knobs. Once you light the wicks (you don't need to adjust them at all if you used the lever to extinguish them previously), you simply fit the assembly over the wicks, twist it down and that's it. Totally hassle free and a brilliant idea. The only thing I will mention that annoyed me a bit is that the fount was coated with a weird milky substance of some sort (I'm assuming from the glass manufacturing process) that really made it look rather dull. I cleaned it off as best I could, but it's still a bit dull looking. It's not that beautiful clear crystal look that some of my other lamps have. And they could stand to make it in other colors; that would be nice. But... the functionality more than makes up for it. More lamps should have these nice features (the "snuffer" and twist-off burner top). It even puts out a fair amount of heat if you use it in a cold room. Also, the oval chimney makes the flame burn very straight, flat side-by-side (kind of classy!), and consistent. Bottom line is: this is the easiest and overall best kerosene lamp I've ever used, all things considered--a real class act. I'm going to have to buy another for a backup."
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