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Great Book of Wooden Toys
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Great Book of Wooden Toys

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Woodworkers, get back to the basics of handmade craftsmanship, natural and safe materials and old-fashioned fun with more than 50 easy-to-build wooden toy projects. Create hours of entertainment for future generations with a wooden bulldozer, paddleboat, train engines and cars, biplane, even The Spirit of St. Louis plane. Complete instructions, exploded diagrams and color photos of each finished toy from every angle.
  • Marshall and Jones, 7-1⁄2"x9", 211 pp.
Table of Contents

Preface: Making Toys

Model T Car
Model T Truck
Model T Tank Truck
Road Grader
Tractor Cab
Low-Boy Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
Tank Trailer

Spirit of St. Louis
P-40 Fighter
Jet Fighter

The"General" Steam Engine
Passenger Car
Baggage Car
Observation Car
Train Whistle

"Reading Work Train" Steam Engine
Crane Car
Side Dump Car
"Santa Fe" Diesel Locomotive
Gondola Car
Hopper Car
Tank Car
Modern Steam Locomotive

Greatest Show on Earth
Basic Pull-Along Train
Fancy Pull-Along Train

Excerpt from Preface

Patterns and Templates
Many plans in this book require odd-shaped parts that can't be made using straight cuts on a table saw. Making these parts requires drawing the outline of the contours on the stock, then cutting or sanding the block of wood to shape. Odd pieces are drawn in the plans either with 1/2" -square grids or with detailed measurements, and there are several ways to get the pattern of your piece from the plans to the wood itself.
One way is to carefully transfer all the points and lines from the plans to the stock. If you transfer a pattern this way, make sure you use a sharp pencil and a good straightedge for the straight parts and a french curve for the curved sections. If the pattern is laid out on a grid, draw the grid first on the stock, then transfer the lines.
Another way to transfer patterns is to draw them on shirt cardboard or old file folders and cut them out. These cutout patterns are called templates. They'll save you hours of work when you're building more toys.
The only problem with cardboard templates is that they wear out after a while. If you want more permanent templates use scraps of plastic laminate (Formica), pieces of Tempered hardboard (Masonite), or plywood. A power scroll saw is the best tool for cutting these hard materials, and a 1/4" hole is drilled into each template so it can be hung up on a nail in your shop.

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