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Herbal Antibiotics Book
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Herbal Antibiotics Book

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Learn how to combat the rising problem of bacterial infections with plant medicines. Detailed resource explores the issue with pharmaceutical antibiotics (like penicillin) and why using herbal medicine might just be the answer.
  • A thorough resource, citing over 1,200 scientific studies
  • Extensive instructions for making herbal medicine (from treating colds and the flu to skin and sinus infections)
  • 200 tincture ratios (to help you get the right proportions when mixing)
  • A close look at the most effective herbs
  • Fully updated and expanded edition (more than three times bigger than the original!)
  • Buhner
  • 6"x9"
  • 467 pp.
  1. The End of Antibiotics
  2. The Resistant Organisms, the Diseases They Cause, and How to Treat Them
  3. About Herbal Antibiotics
  4. Herbal Antibiotics: The Systemics
  5. Herbal Antibiotics: The Localized Nonsystemics
  6. Herbal Antibiotics: The Synergists
  7. The First Line of Defense: Strengthening the Immune System
  8. A Handbook of Herbal Medicine Making
  9. An Herbal Formulary
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Excerpt from p. 333

Washes are simply infusions or decoctions that are used directly on the skin. If you have hurt your skin, an abrasion or sunburn for example, any wash that contains a tannin herb such as oak or acacia or older pine needles and soothing herbs such as mallow or chamomile will facilitate healing immensely – prickly pear (a soothing mucilaginous herb) is immensely good for this.

If you have a skin infection or a wound that you want to keep from becoming infected, use a wash of the applicable herbs from this book. If you don't know what kind of infection it is, use the antibacterial wash described below.

General Antibacterial Wash

  • 2 ounces antibacterial herbs, such as artemisia (the absinthium species is very good), cryotolepis, or sida
  • 2 ounces echinacea
  • 2 ounces evergreeen needles (any kind)
  • 1 quart water

Combine the herbs with the water. Cover, bring to boil, and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes. Let cool and strain. Then wash the affected skin liberally with the decoction four times daily.

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- 6/7/2015
said: Cheri Monteith
"This book is a must for treating infections naturally, thoroughly and completely without fear of side effects. I highly recommend any herbal book by Stephen Buhner, one of the most knowledgeable herbal authorities of our time. -C. Monteith, M.S. TCM, Herbalist"
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