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Perfect Pickler™ Fermentor Kits
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Perfect Pickler™ Fermentor Kits

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Now available in two sizes!

Make fresh, nutritious pickles, sauerkraut and more right on your countertop – no heavy crocks, cultures or cooking required. Jar-top fermentor kits fits onto wide mouth or extra-wide mouth canning jars (you provide). Just add water and your desired vegetables, plus sea salt.
  • A convenient and quick way to pickle (takes approx. 4-10 days)
  • Includes air-lock lid, overflow cup, sea salt (1/4 lb bag) and recipes
  • Choose between the Wide Mouth Kit or Extra Large Kit (see details section below)
  • Contains domestic and imported parts
Note: Pickles must be refrigerated after fermenting. These kits are not for canning.
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Choose your kit (each sold separately):
    • Wide Mouth Jar Kit-Fits 1⁄2 pt, 1 pt, 1 qt or 2 qt wide mouth canning jars (not included). Takes less space in your refrigerator and is quicker to use. Fermenting takes about 4 days.
    • Extra Large Jar Kit-Fits 1 gallon or 2-1⁄2 gallon extra-wide mouth jars (not included). Great for making larger batches. Fermenting takes about 4-10 days.

        How it works: Air-lock lid keeps air out of jar while overflow cup catches excess brine. Water and sea salt transform contents into delicious brine pickles, which are naturally full of vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures. After 4-10 days of fermenting, check to see if contents are sour enough to your taste. If not, add a day and re-check.

        Customer Reviews of Perfect Pickler™ Fermentor Kits
        Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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        - 12/19/2013
        said: ma
        "There is a video of how to use it just look up perfect pickler. I can't believe how easy it is. Have my first batch on the counter can't wait to try it!!!"
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        - 10/29/2013
        said: CoachT
        "I've been using this product for over a year. You can make it cheaper with parts from a wine making store and a few from the hardware store but it's just so easy to buy it complete and ready to go. If you want to try some small batch lactofermenting then this is a pretty good way to do it - the airlock increases success rates considerably by keeping all of the bad stuff out. As for being complicated - you put some salt in some water and then put your vegetable in the brine and let is sit. How much salt and how long to sit depends on variables like what you're pickling and the temperature where you let it sit. Mostly I use 5gr (by weight!) of sea salt per cup of filtered water to reach a 2% brine that will pickle most vegetables just fine. I have pickled cukes, onions, garlic, and kraut with no failures whatsoever. I pickled corn relish and it worked - I just didn't care for it. My pickled peppers are the Belle of the Ball. Easy steps: salt, water, veggies, leave it alone."
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        - 7/30/2013
        said: Bettie
        "Good, so far. I just started my first 2 quart jar of sauerkraut yesterday. Today it is bubbling away. I can hardly wait to try it. I would like to know how I can get the extra large mouth pickler."
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        - 7/19/2013
        said: Anonymous User
        "Had this product for two weeks and have not used it. Still trying to make sense of the instructions, recipes, etc...not as easy and simple as advertised."
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