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Off-Road Golf® Game
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Off-Road Golf® Game

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Create your own 10-hole course right in your backyard. This fun outdoor game is similar to golf but allows you to play on almost any terrain. Plus, you design the course! Includes everything you need for four people to play.
  • Customize to fit your yard – you decide how long or challenging
  • Dig holes and place 6"OD cups inside
  • Place moveable flags behind each hole to mark each hole, and your course it ready to play
  • Tired of the same course? Remove cups and redesign a whole new challenge
  • 19 lb
  • China
Currently Unavailable
How to play:
You don't have to go to a country club to play, just your backyard. Weave in and out of trees, go down hill, or around rocks – you design the course to fit the space you have. Once your course is set up, each player uses the rubber mallets to hit the ball (which is the size of a baseball) into the hole. In a pickle? Use the specially-shaped end of your mallet to do a "flip shot" to get over obstacles, such as rocks that are in your way. The player with the least total strokes for all the holes wins. Rules and instructions included.

Game includes:
Four 36" mallets and balls, 10 flags and flag holders, 10 hole liner cups, 10 flag markers and 1 tube glue.

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