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Spiral Light Candles - Small
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Spiral Light Candles - Small

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Enjoy the calming scents of the season with a unique twist that we'll keep you watching. Instead of burning just in the center, these candles have an outer edge wick that spirals around the candle in a circular pattern as it burns, filling the hollow center of the candle with wax. Once the spiral wick self-extinguishes, light the center wooden wick to continue enjoying your candle.
  • ONLY available in Winter Nights (we've sold out of the Holiday Spice)
  • Made of high grade cosmetic parafin, which allows the candles to burn longer
  • Fun to watch – gives your home a soft, mesmerizing glow
  • Approx. 3"OD x 3-1/4"H, 1/2 lb.
  • USA made
Note: These candles have tiny imperfections that will not affect the burning of the candles. Remove label before burning candle.

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Currently Unavailable
Available in SMALL:
Holiday Spice-The inviting fragrance of apple cider and mandarin spice with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Red.
Winter Nights-A light, soothing aroma perfect for those looking to freshen a room but not overpower it. Blue.

How it works:
These self-filling candles have two wicks. As the horizontal spiraling wick (on outer edge) burns, the wax drains into the hollow center of the candle. Once the inside wax level reaches the top of the spiral wick, it self-extinguishes. You can then light the center wooden wick to continue enjoying your candle. (Make sure you trim wicks before burning).

Burn times:
We've found that the spiral wick will burn on an average of 45 minutes. The center wooden wick can burn up to 30-35 hours.

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