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Wholecraft of Spinning: From Raw Material to Yarn
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Wholecraft of Spinning: From Raw Material to Yarn

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Create unique and personal yarns for weaving, knitting, crocheting. A simple and creative art. Carol Kroll, 8 1/4" x 11", 48 pp.
The Story of Spinning
Preparing the Fiber for Spinning
Spinning with the Drop Spindle
Spinning on the Treadle Wheel
Finishing the Yarn
Obtaining a Spinning Wheel
Spinning Other Animal Fibers
Spinning Other Fibers
Making Novelty Yarns
Using Your Homespun Yarns
Bibliography and Sources of Supply

Excerpt from Chapter 1
The Story of Spinning
   The story of spinning is interwoven with the history of man. Paintings on Egyptian tombs record it. Grecian lyres and voices sing of it. Wherever any traces of early man have been found there has also been evidence of spun thread or spinning implements.
   The first human attempts at spinning probably consisted of twisting animal fibers and suitable plant materials. The mere act of twisting them into strands make them useful and strong. The coarser fibers, such as jute or hemp, were usually used to make rope, cordage and string while finer ones, such as cotton, flax, silk and wool, were used for cloth. Most early spinners were highly skilled craftsmen, despite the primitive tools which were used.
   Many of the earliest spinning methods and tools described in this chapter are still in use today, especially the various drop spindles and such types as the India and Navajo spindles.
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