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Canning Jar Storage Boxes - Pint Size
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Canning Jar Storage Boxes - Pint Size

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A long-awaited solution for all home canners! Our specially designed totes safely protect your canning jars from breakage, dirt, pests and rodents. Each tote holds up to a dozen canning jars. Use one to carry jars or store full jars on your canning shelf (no more clanking together, cracked jars). Snap two together as a box to completely encase and protect jars for storage or transport. Totes nest and boxes stack to maximize space.
  • Holds 12 pint sized jars
  • Durable, recycled high-density polypropylene will last for many, many years
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a set of 2 totes (makes 1 box)
  • Canada

Note: Box latches may be tight at first but will relax over time and use.

Each tote 18"L x 13-1⁄8"W x 2-3⁄4"H, 1 lb.

How to open the boxes: With the box in front of you, and thelatches to the sides, place your fingers in the front of the box, in thespace between the totes. Then, slide your fingers toward you until thelatches release. You can do this with both sides at once or one side at atime.

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